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  1. I'd like to read more of @JBLIND his replies on appeals. I want more daily laughter as I like reading @JBLIND his replies on ban appeals in my free-time. Thanks.
  2. Buff all wilderness bosses besides event bosses. Yes. Yes. Great for new players that want to get started out with multi pking. Yes. Been saying this for ages. No. Those resources should be profitable to make for the players that are not lazy so they can make some extra pkp from the rich ass lazy fuckers. Ma2 cape improves wilderness activity. Yes.
  3. Reply will be ::yell ask your fat mom you c****r ***** smd idiot LOO00OOO0L 1-0
  4. He's banned now keep your eyes opened though
  5. Don't know what your main account is but thanks faggot. b667b1300a01247fcb685c48dd8cb84d.mp4 @staff please reveal his main account
  6. Introduce herblore > make sanfews/saradomin brews have a value. Removing divines was polled recently. Wiping elysians is a temporary sollution, will be a matter of time to get it back to the old situation. Most of the competitive pkers will pay whatever is needed for a shield that is a +1 anyways. Discuss about a potentional brew cap
  7. Updated. Revamp vote store! With the new clue scrolls & rewards coming third-age really just should be removed from the vote store. The chance of getting a druidic piece is 1/1760 but only have a worth of about 110k. (???)
  8. Insane updates. remove third-age from vote shop.
  9. I've had millions for a while now. I never got fully cleaned, have always had a few mill left behind to keep making video's. And yes I lost everything: I made -1m pkp. If I'd name the video "I lost 1m pk points" it doesn't really sound inviting, does it?
  10. Imagine doing better (wilderness) anti-cheating updates than Oldschool Runescape :laugh:
  11. https://youtu.be/5fNycz_mkhk
  12. I see where you're coming from, however the whole thing does not have to be the same. The incoming fog could be done different f.e players that are being teleported into an automated 1v1 or multi boxes. Or maybe a restricted area or something? That's kinda why I said that any suggestions/idea's would be appreciated. Giving it an own twist can also make the difference. That's why I said probably. I've barely heard from this server, that's why. Saying that I should educate myself before making a suggestion thread why I just ramble out some idea's is a bit too serious for now, I think. Hope you didn't have a bad day buddy. Anyways, I still think there is a good opportunity on this. Roatpkz already has a very good name and could certain itself from other servers doing tournaments like these. It also doesn't have to be exactly the same as I stated above in this post. Feel free to come up with any idea's if you have, but saying you think it's not going to be near a decent concept won't have effect anymore since that's basically all you've said in all your replies in this thread.
  13. Because I'd suggest the Roatpkz DMM only last for a week. The other server probably does not have very interesting prize pools and tournies that last a month back.. to back.. to back.. Your arguments still don't really make sense in my eyes.
  14. Yes I know that 07 brought back dmm, I don't live under a stone buddy. It only lasts for a month (but will be dead within a week from now). The fact that another server has dmm already doesn't mean a other server can't do it too. Why else are there 200 different servers atm? Also giving a twist to it can make it better than the other server that currently has a monthly dmm. I don't really see how your arguments would lead to a flop if RoatPkz would release its own.
  15. The doors in ardy don't work because it's not priority. Ofcourse it wouldn't be released any time soon, but once you've got everything working it could be a huge breakthrough. We both know that when RoatPkz has an update or something new coming it's solid as fuck. Having a DMM tournament once, twice or maybe even three times a year could be a huge advertisement for Roatpkz, and increase the playerbase of Roatpkz long-term.
  16. RoatPkz Deadman Mode. Title says it all, but I'd like to give some options to picture it out a little. If you have any suggestions or opinions please let me know by replying to this topic. If they're good I'll add them to the thread. Where? A separate Roatpkz world. Not just in the wilderness, but throughout the whole world of 'Runescape'. If RoatPkz DMM would actually be a thing I'd expect over 1.000 players playing at the same time; the wilderness would be too small. Ofcourse it doesn't have to be exactly the same as OSRS or other RSPSes that host DMM tournaments/servers. Giving an own twist to it can certain the concept from others! idea's mentioned within this thread are just suggestions. Quests Quests shouldn't be a thing in my opinion. I know that this brings in world activity and grind, but come on. It's a private server! Armour Obviously all the armours shouldn't be obtainable through stores as it is right now. It should be the same or near the same as Oldschool Runescape. I can imagine that adding some armour/weapon drops to monsters that shouldn't drop it in the first place could be reasonable. It would be good to have one shop selling some basic stuff. In Oldschool Runescape you'd have to walk throughout the world and visit different kind of cities for a bow or scimitar, however I can imagine that it's better to have all this in a store. What's the grind for then? Ofcourse, the week before the final hour is basically gathering gear and training your stats. But if there's no quests needed to unlock and basic items are buyable in one store, what's the grind for then? I would not suggest adding (for example) any sort of food to the store, no weapons or armoury from mithril & up, no potions, runes etc. Prices I'd suggest doing the same as the clancup. However, I'd expect way more participants than a clancup normally gets, so maybe double the prize pool. here's a suggestion: 1st place: 1000M OSRS Coins 2nd place: 500M OSRS Coins 3rd place: 250M OSRS Coins 4th place: 250M OSRS Coins Not to forget - A way to obtain mithril seeds. - Do we want a trading post? Suggestions Ofcourse this is a really short thread as it is right now for a fully completed RoatPkz DMM world. Please leave all your suggestions & idea's below!
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