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How to register on the forums and appeal!

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How to register an account

1) First we will open up our web browser and go to www.roatpkz.com/newforum


2) Select the sign up button and it will redirect you to the sign up page, fill out the information and press create my account.

3) Go to the email you registered your account with ([email protected] for example) and select them email from roatpkz and select validate my address (check your spam folder)

4) Your account is now registered and you can start posting, congratulations :)

How to post a thread or any kind of appeal!

1) Select player appeals and it will redirect you to them.

2) Select mandatory appeal format and copy the format by highlighting and right clicking and pressing copy (look at screenshot for reference)c8d1fa46bbd437dc55f2147e925224a9.png

3) Go back to player appeals and press post a new topic and paste the format into the thread (double click on it to edit it) and fill out the needed information!


4) Press submit topic and wait for a staff member to respond (this can take up to 24 hours) make sure to read the rules before appealing any sort of punishment!


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