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  1. Ungrateful


    Killbob music video
  2. Welcome to the server brotherman!
  3. Good luck to everyone, should be interesting to see who wins. cant 10vs2 in this clan event hahaha
  4. I agree 100% on the upgrades of kill streak achievements and the lottery system achievements. Even if we used the logic of.. 500 kill streak would grant a lot of rewards along the way to the 500 kill streak. If we used that logic then the ::vote reward achievements needs to be SUPER nerfed. For voting 1,500 times that would be 1500 vote tickets + 1500 vote packages = 3M PK points if sold for 1K each. However I am still rewarded 127K PK points for voting 1500 times. I already got 3M from voting 1500 times.
  5. Nice work brother, hopefully more videos are in the makings as we speak =).
  6. Sweet video nice work, hopefully a 4th video is in the makings. Best of luck to everyone for the 1M giveaway <3.
  7. Sweet videos, watched both of them you posted =). nb4 youtuber rank
  8. Lost all my pkp, ill come back when I get bored and decide to sell yelltag or infernal or stake 2 pairs of dclaws. Had fun the few days I was active time to go back to being a man. bye young girls
  9. Like the deep wildly Pking! Good luck getting loots/max sets
  10. Cant wait to prod new pkers who cant afford whips or decent gear to PK with. Wonder how many I can make quit within 24 hours
  11. Sweet video brother Nihad! Praying 2 our gods allah to bless me with the 350K win!!! pls allah
  12. Good luck with this clan a7e!
  13. Can't wait to get killed by pkers while i'm doing my slayer task
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