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  1. I get asked quite frequently if I could share any money making methods for RoatPkz. I basically link them to this video, but haven't posted it here yet. So here we go
  2. That's pretty impressive! I forget to go to the afk zone quite often so I only have about 250k tokens yet haha. Haven't bought anything yet.
  3. Let's make a video about this! @Bunq thanks for the great suggestion ❤️
  4. Ofcourse you can have thoughts and opinions about certain things mate, didn't mean it in a bad way. I agree with you saying you don't have to stand behind everything that happens at RoatPkz as a staff member, but in my eyes it looks contradictory. Doesn't mean it's instantly bad.
  5. contradictory to say as a staff member since it's litteraly ingame 🤷‍♂️
  6. I totally agree, but the main reason a lot of people play private servers is that they can feed they're addiction and rebuild fast to go gambling again. I would 100% vote yes to removing gambling. Unfortunately the playerbase will decrease heavily in a fairly short amount of time and will move to other private servers. It's an intrinsic problem which they can feed with pixels. If they want to get rid of it the rehab is a nice way to train your self control in regards of gambling, however addiction is addiction. A small paywall to get un-rehabbed is too accessible. Maybe you can help them train their self control by making it unable to remove the rehab timer.
  7. pls no to: Godbows Ganodermic Celestial 7th barrows brother Bronze - dragon whips Pernix Virtus Dragon kites More tradable pets Hand cannon Pls yes to: New ankou colors (rainbow!! a set that changes colors) Fix clue items Fix angel capes (pls remove them entirely lol let's be honest 😂) Others: Divine spirit shield got removed for a reason and was polled. What are 'real rares' for the server events? Everybody already has a chance to win the hp event Please no pets, weapons, skin colors etc. this ain't a theme park with rainbow theme Nex hasn't failed. It's great. Drop rates are fine. Why remove 95% of the server map? Gambling area shouldn't be at home, it's fine how it is. Shielded and nice. Remove parts from wildy? Bro 😮
  8. Yeah but this ain't gonna work because addicts will pay. They're addicted.
  9. @Hefner @Smoothie @lanors @joirk 2 Joirk 2 kid hhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. Only way to make ::rehab more useful is make it impossible to remove your rehab period. The deposit idea won't really work since if you're addicted to gambled you'll do it regardless. Either pay, drop pkp temporary or let a friend hold it.
  11. gll rank youtube also plzz unban Joirk 2 gll vide max
  12. I'm always open to buy your demonic & wilderness emblems. fixed prices. Demonic/ancient emblem: 1250 pkp Demonic/ancient totem: 3100 pkp Demonic/ancient statuette: 7000 pkp Demonic/ancient medallion: 14000 pkp Demonic/ancient effigy: 29500 pkp Demonic/ancient relic: 60000 pkp Please pm me in-game or contact me on Discord.
  13. Very good point. I don't think Raids 2 and Raids 3 will be added soon since it's a shit ton of work and Scythe & Tumekens locked behind donator points is simply a huge advantaged regarding the structual income of RoatPkz. Would it be necessary to have those items available for iron men to make the gamemode worth playing though (regarding it's a PvP based server)?
  14. I agree, however end game content shouldn't be too much focused on non-wilderness activity as it's a PvP based server in my opinion. The last thing I would want to see is less reasons to be roaming around in the wilderness.
  15. !Note: this is a work in progress, if you have anything to add please reply under this thread! So over the years that I've played RoatPkz more and more active it has developed into basically the best PvP based Private Server world wide. I've been talking with a lot of people over what could improve the gameplay of RoatPkz and with some of them I agreed iron man ranks would be a nice idea. Pm's going on and over, so I decided to create a little scheme of how an iron man system could work on RoatPkz. Note: it's a work in progress Don't think iron man would have any chance to be implemented to RoatPkz? Let me know aswell and tell me why it wouldn't work. Also if you see any pitfalls or whatever, share them! I personally think it would be a huge addition to the other game modes, enjoyment of players and ofcourse epic content for content creators.
  16. Nice theres username randomiser in settings btw to hide ign ez
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