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  1. swap lime for light green bunmask.
  2. Gretar - lacks of updates. SMACKD - Okay, quick responder. Fantastic Cx - Okay. Rag Bot V1 - never see him. Fruitiest - Okay. Goat - Okay. Baz - Okay but kinda weird. Valence - Okay quick responder. Server Support(s) No Name Set - Okay. Chui - never see him King Arturia - raged i attacked him in wild weirdo. Niddy - never heard. Skeleton - never talks. Fun Time - Okay but kinda weird. Ex0tic - ex0 for admin! Sinister - never seen. Oaq - always was a good guy. Grabauskas - Okay. Missslayer - never seen. Necrofear Pb - Good guy.
  3. you guys hyping this shit which is basicaly corp 2.0 summary - clans will be dominating multi and focus teams will dominate singles. great fun. flower casino isnt osrs either, the fuck you mean. go make normal content for the game.
  4. ive made a big treath about this and that pk is useless since no1 ever risks. not even a dharok set. got full support but nothing happened
  5. New items. Miasmic spells. Hybrid armors; Trickster, Vanguard, Battle-Mage. Primal and Chaotic weapons. Divine SS. Dragon Kiteshield'2' (Random dfs hits in fights) 6th Barrow borther. Vesta spear. Godbows. (GS like specs.) Zaryte bow. (dharok like effect ?) NEX armors. Celestial robes. Ganodermic robes. Metal whips - bronze,iron etc upto barrows, lava and lime. (where each whip has its own perk or w/e.)
  6. 80k disposable weap good money sink. and isnt that accurate at all. its ok.
  7. youre talking about activity?? but no1 cares for 24/7 welfare suiciders. this doesnt make me and alot of other people want to go to a war, since killing dropperman and 2 other retards for an hour str8 isnt fun pking mate.
  8. buying a legendary just to start ragging 24/7 no will do that. broke in 10 minutes by paying a fee for spawn pk ? well better learn to pk then. thats why you can manual gear FREE, since not every1 has the money to do. esp raggers aint gonna pay shit for dying , so to counter them respawning every 0,2 sec this is a good option the pkp for items isnt gonna burn down noobs rather give them a motivation to participate at events/skilling/pvming.
  9. for real?a cry out for an animation , but not for new items?
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