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  1. youre talking about activity?? but no1 cares for 24/7 welfare suiciders. this doesnt make me and alot of other people want to go to a war, since killing dropperman and 2 other retards for an hour str8 isnt fun pking mate.
  2. buying a legendary just to start ragging 24/7 no will do that. broke in 10 minutes by paying a fee for spawn pk ? well better learn to pk then. thats why you can manual gear FREE, since not every1 has the money to do. esp raggers aint gonna pay shit for dying , so to counter them respawning every 0,2 sec this is a good option the pkp for items isnt gonna burn down noobs rather give them a motivation to participate at events/skilling/pvming.
  3. for real?a cry out for an animation , but not for new items?
  4. you guys are some major autistics.. like claw ags saeldor balista volitiles are OSRS .. dont be some 12 year old cry baby. we need change or the game bleeds out. simple as that the people crying here the most are 99% fp. so whats the problem anyway. Most items listed are just adding a varity of weapons and specs which makes pk more challenging and more fun. there isnt any OP shit like KORASI mentioned in it. @PK Guy @Fruitiest @Tupac @khaled @Smackd
  5. as the server is pretty limited on items, i find that we can use new items. armors, robes & weapons. Akrisae the Doomed. Fungal robes. Ganodermic robes. Celestial robes, Shield & staff. Trickster, Battlemage, Vanguard. Torva, Pernix ,Vitues. + weapons. Statius warhammer. Vesta war spear. Dragon kiteshield. Pernixbow/zaryte Hand cannon. Godbows; -Sara + Prayer drain spec. -Zamorak + 1minute freeze. -Arma + arma spec. -Bandos + bgs spec. Serenbow. Whip with tiers. -reg. slash82/str82 -tent. slash90/str86+poison. -bronze. slash70/str83 -iron. slash75/str83 -steel. slash75/str92. -black. slash91/str80 -mith. slash92/str82 -adam. slash92/85 -rune. slash82/90+ dmg boost on spec. -dragon. slash82/86str+ dmg boost on spec. -barrow. slash82/90str + random 20% extra hits. -ice. slash82/str82 + random freezes. -lava. slash75/str70 + 0.5X faster tick speed. + spec or leave out bc of the speed. -lime. slash90/str80 + 0.5X faster tick speed. + spec or leave out bc of the speed. Max cape @ infernal will add extra 2+str ? Blue firecape new infernal for mage? Green firecape new infernal for range?
  6. i doubt it. ::riskfight people only go there and do this ;venge hit venge ags gmaul. run. thats not the case in edge.
  7. it semi forces you to risk, hence the fact you will miss out kill potential big time if you wont. as bandos doesnt really add anything except the fact being more defensive then rune/torso and people might think ;so why not spend another bit extra for extra gear like bandos.
  8. edge pking isnt for noobs, not everyone wanna have a endless prayer switching and brew fight. its basicaly free.. it cost you BARELY anything, there is no profit on kills wearing max str (with out vesta or bandos) my point is these items are too cheap , there is no profit in pking in edge. average kil is 50 pkp per kill which is bare to 0. Same with hybriding in welfare/suiciders.
  9. As a big mercher and a fan of Pking , especially edgeville i feel like some items can be used better for pk and eco. i feel like this game get pretty dull real quick, and this has to do with EG; earlyer mentioned topic* about suicide/welfare pkers. ( will list on botom of this topic ) The game for pkers is done after you have maybe 150k/250k PKP and around 30k BHP bank. claws/ags/elder/ballista/nightmarestaffs. these are the only items which cost you money for pk. As these items are also the PROT1 items, the risks you will find on a kill are bare to ZERO. Especialy since we have the rising trend on suiciders/welfare Pkers. now to the point. Lets talk about items which need a (Eco)boost for pk which we all do for the nr1 reason MONEY. Starting off Whips Vs rapier/saedor/inq mace. Whip(tent) is the meta in pk.. people wont bring rapier/mace/saeldor for multipe reasons. 1. these items does often not give you a new max hit. (in multiple cases) 2. they do not have the insta spec switch. (non of the 3 ) 3. On average it has 20/30k street value. which if you combine the 3 above will make a total outcome of : overpriced and useless. (with maybe exception of the inqmace+Set.) Conclussion; Make the rapier/mace/saeldor maybe a 5/10k items so people start atleast using it. Pvp range ammo Morrigan axe and javs they cost way too much for edge pk, either make it cheaper or switch it back for all lvs pk. Now onto the non-tradeables. Torso/deffenders and gloves are nr1 used item in pk.. Only thing bothering me is that its a one time purchase.. since there is no profit in killing people for these items.. and these items are significant boosting your hits i feel like peope should pay for it and you should get rewarded for killing peope using them. i feel like the prices which they cost in shop are fair and they should be dropped on death. and keep the *auto repair option* there as an auto rebuy from shop option so you dont get delayed on your pk trips.. (or you simply just stack them in your bank like your other items) saves some coding i geuss. Now for the items i would like to see cost money are. Gloves Mithril and up. Void. Ardy cloak. God books (zam-ban-dark). Halo's. Varrock armor. Bearhead. Defenders Rune and up. toktz-ket-zil (obby shield). Torso/penance wear. Reg firecape. Ava devices. Mage cloaks. God D'hides. (atleast the boots) Rune pouch. (pouch saves 2inv spaces which is worth somthing. make them buyable for BHP so this will boost the motivation to bountyhunt and will boost the Eco. *the topic*
  10. As first, Dont mind my grammatical errors as i am no native English speaker. Alright here we go, So we all have been seeing that this "suicide pkers" are getting out of hand.. My suggestion is to change the way preset gears/Spawn gears work. with out effecting the new players and which also will boost the eco.. it goes as followed; So as base i give the example of the Blacklist from pk. which works gradually the higher tier donator the more passes you get. this will work the same way on preset loads. Free Presetload out uses per DonatorTier; non. 5x free reg. 15 x free super. 30 x free extr. free. ::Funpk has no spawn limiteds. Manual gearing from bank stays free. After this limit has been reached you can buy the spawngears for a fee of 500 pkp which also gradually decreases when you go in higher tier of donatorship (Manual gearing from bank stays free.) Presetload out Cost after free uses; non. 5x free, after cost 500pkp per spawn. reg. 15 x free , after 300pkp per spawn. super. 30 x free, after 100pkp per spawn. extr. free. - free. ::Funpk has no spawn limiteds. Manual gearing from bank stays free. There will be cry outs like, i pk for fun i dont care about pkp; well there is this magial place called ::funpk. By implying this into the game, we encourage people to pk "normal" The quality of pking will go up, since people want to make money and not 100% lose. losing money will happen when you 24/7 suicide. it will also boost eco since its yet another reason to buy donators. As ::funpk is reasonable useless as it now is. maybe we can give it some kind of boost by adding points, with those points you can also buy extra "free"preloads. When you make a new account, the NPC gives you an option to fill your bank with items. this option has a use now. If all this will not make you hot, maybe a cooldown for respawning will be also an option which will works as follow; Again following the gradually rule from which mentioned above. Timer adds up more time everytime you respawn a gear. donator status decreases time per tier. maybe in combination with a fee this will also help. EG; each spawn adds 15 sec penalty x 1.5 per new spawn. each tier decreases per 0.25x of original penalty. and per tier will decrease the time by Dividing time by 33%. 1st spawn 15sec / reg don10 / super5 / extreme 0 2nd spawn 22.5 / reg 15 / super 7.5 / exreme 0 3rd spawn 33.75 / reg 22.5 / super 11.25 / extreme 1sec 4rd spawn 50.62 / reg 33.6 / super 16.9 / extreme 1.5sec And so on and so on. Or somthing like this im not a math professor. personaly im more in for the way you make people pay. as this will semi force people to pk legit and not 24/7 suiciding hoping for a kill. the timer way can be a good alternative if the first one dont work out for whatever reason. Probably alot of 24/7 welfare pkers will downvote the pay to peekaay. which in my opinion doesnt help the server to anygood. (personal opinion) and doesnt help out the eco in any point.
  11. im not for rs3 but new items are needed badly. fucking autstic people who cant handle change lol. it aint osrs for start. claws volitale ? and also a rsps. so.. stop being autistic. nah i dunno who you talking bout but imagine with a sara halo and a blue firecape ;D !!!
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