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  1. Are you brain dead??? Go re-read the topic.
  2. @Gretar I found the noose emoji !
  3. Fruitiest, the topic that we were originally discussing was never talked about before by us. We were giving feedback on moderators, and yes I will admit when zeplin joined into the posting it became a bit of a flame war, but at the same time it had only gone on for about 20-30 minutes. And I personally was at the end of it ready to get back onto the topic at hand, but Jblind came in and said no no that's enough. Anyway here we are restarting the discussion over moderator feedback, and it will not turn into a flame war again. We need mods like @Tupac again.
  4. Lmaooo the title alone is hilarious! The only other sections I think we could have been in are the debates and sensitive news, off topic, feedback, or maybe general?
  5. Sly

    Feedback on smackd /Jblind

    I'm surprised you even know what IQ is considering your broken ass sentences and clear lack of any intelligence.
  6. Sly

    Feedback on smackd /Jblind

    Bahahaha... That made my day, thanks for the good laugh @Chef
  7. Sly

    Feedback on smackd /Jblind

    Well thank you. I am not sure where you get "crying" out of anything that has been said here, but I also cannot give people enough brain cells to comprehend simple things like having a discussion on an issue such as this.
  8. Sly

    Feedback on smackd /Jblind

    @Vos @Chef I'm just trying to wrap my head around how @zeplin99 speaks in broken sentences for a game he apparently quit yet sits on the forum day in and day out talking shit to people over nothing.
  9. Sly

    Feedback on smackd /Jblind

    Oh i'm sorry I didn't know stating peoples opinions and or facts was a childish thing to do? Not to mention the fact that where we are this very second is the correct section to be stating opinions and facts.
  10. Sly

    Feedback on smackd /Jblind

    @Chef Hey, appreciate this brotha. In terms of the moderators I have never personally come into any issues with Jblind, I have always found him to be a positive and helpful person. @JBLIND Sorry for not tagging you in my appeal lol, I do hope that you're not too sad! If you need something sweet to eat to brighten your day I will send you candy! =] However, Smackd on the other hand I cannot say that I have ever met another human being who is as egotistical as he is. I have also never encountered someone that has flamed me the way he has in game in the past; all bull shit aside people are who they are, it's unfortunate that he holds a vendetta against me for him getting shit talked after getting smoked for a 304 KS by me. Not to mention the only reason he died was from his own damn stupidity and cocky ass attitude.
  11. Sly

    Eat my ass hypocrite

    Hahaha, amen to that brother.
  12. Sly

    Osrs mobile

    Haven't had a chance to try it, but it's an interesting thing that I will try here some day. My only issue is the fact that I've played RS for so many years on a computer that moving to mobile will just feel awkward as fuck so I more than likely won't use it after I try it once unless I really get back into OSRS and want to be able to skill while I can't be at a computer. PvMing/PKing will never be worth while on mobile IMO, but again it's still cool that you can actually play on a cell phone now a days lol.
  13. Sly

    Alright then, keep your secrets

    Haha, perfect meme.
  14. Sly

    Eat my ass hypocrite

    @repent Lol, you think that's some flaming? You should see the pictures I got of him flaming me to all hell after he got smoked for 304 KS lol...
  15. Sly


    Lmao i'm dead.. @Tiger0n4oids Lol @Fruitiest join the #FreeSly campaign @sophia don't recall asking to come over your border... @Smackd I still manage to get to the gym for 1-2 hours four or five days a week along with my credit load, gaming, and working. But yeah I get it, not everyone's thing to put time into a game. @3AT 99 ALL see what you started