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  1. Sly


    Lol yet most are degenerate gamblers losing it all every day. I can't really say it's fair to be handing out all of the user names and gear being that i've worked for all that i've got, but i am enjoying seeing more skilled nhers around, and a more active community over all right now @Gretar
  2. GLK @Legend™ Another gamble addict cleared by Smoothie
  3. I'm in the same boat @PK Guy the nostalgic look of them is cool, and I can't believe it wasn't re-added to OSRS and just buffed..
  4. @Fantastic @Gretar I'd like to see some more bosses added into the game to make the Scythe actually viable to add into the game like I already talked with you about Gretar. Aside from that I think adding the Mythical Cape into the Vote Shop would be more ideal seeing as we have the Inferno and the Ardougne Cloak in there and those are the two of the better capes in game. The Sanguinesti staff could be added to Skotizo's drop table as it is pretty poor for how long it takes a new player to kill or even secure the kill. Maybe keep the drop rate the same as prayer scrolls as there isn't much use for the staff other than maybe for avoiding burning any scales or trident of the seas charges at Kraken boss. This one is a little harder to determine because the really isn't a lot of uses for it. For the Dragon Hunter Lance I love your idea of finally putting in a boss with a slayer requirement like I have suggested to Gretar before. I think also adding in: Cerberus, Dagannoth king, Giant mole, Vorkath, Tekton, (some i'm probably not thinking of) with high level slayer requirements so we could have some good drops from these including large pure PKP drops from harder bosses. I don't believe we need a whole lot of items from these higher level slayer monsters however making 1-5k PKP drops available would create incentive for people to get higher slayer and at the same time adding more pkers into the mix. Everything else you have in your topic looks pretty good, IMO some items such as all the PvP equipment should have been added in when the PvP armor was redone.
  5. Are you brain dead??? Go re-read the topic.
  6. @Gretar I found the noose emoji !
  7. Fruitiest, the topic that we were originally discussing was never talked about before by us. We were giving feedback on moderators, and yes I will admit when zeplin joined into the posting it became a bit of a flame war, but at the same time it had only gone on for about 20-30 minutes. And I personally was at the end of it ready to get back onto the topic at hand, but Jblind came in and said no no that's enough. Anyway here we are restarting the discussion over moderator feedback, and it will not turn into a flame war again. We need mods like @Tupac again.
  8. Lmaooo the title alone is hilarious! The only other sections I think we could have been in are the debates and sensitive news, off topic, feedback, or maybe general?
  9. I'm surprised you even know what IQ is considering your broken ass sentences and clear lack of any intelligence.
  10. Bahahaha... That made my day, thanks for the good laugh @Chef
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