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  1. 2 hours ago, JBLIND said:

    Roat Pkz Awards 
    Quote this and tag those who you think deserve to win!!!! :D:D

    - Most humorous - @ur nan bed stories

    - Most Arab/foreign - #racism cancer

    - Shortest temper - @staff team (never responds to my messages)

    - Most helpful - @weed

    - Best YouTuber - @PewDiePie

    - Best Hybrid - @Ignorance

    - Best Tribrid - idc

    - Best Pure Nher - @dark man dk

    - Best Dher - @Ban152

    - Most Retarded - can't tell a small section should be added to gather them

    - Fastest Switcher - your penis it requires left hand from two to three

    - Most underatted Pker - Me cuz i don't pk anymore

    - Most Chilled player - Me no discussion

    - Nicest player - @shootin star

    - Biggest Duel Rat - @Gretar Uwotm8 ;)

    -  PVM'er - 84% of the players

    - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - (Who are you to organize people and judge them), but id say smackd are both.

    - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP -  Persona vs Blindsona

    - Biggest Whale - @Robes

    - Bank-stander/switcher - the one your daddy uses

    Most Improved - Mostly are dragged down can't tell otherwise than I improve all day.

    - Nerd - @PROFFESER19


  2. 32 minutes ago, JBLIND said:


    Why not, it make the forums look busy

    9 minutes ago, Same Sea said:

    the idea itself is not horrible, but i dont think this should be something to focus on right now since there are way more important stuff that needs to be added or fixed within the game

    Yes, I couldn't agree less with you but the forums must be taken care of too since it doesn't have that much of activity, so several cool updates could be very useful for attracting other players to join the environment.

  3. Good evening roatots, I want to suggest for once again demanding Rank Bars etc.. to be collected according to your achievements or else.

    For example as this Bar 2i9to52.png , and others should be designed on the same flow, please tell us what do you think in comment and this would look very decent on the forums it could show a lot of differences.



    On 12/8/2018 at 7:55 PM, b o b b i said:

    Required Format To Be Continued

        *Did your jack ass read and agree with the terms and conditions?:  Yes

    *Who is your Idol?: Tyson fury

    *How do you value yourself?: respectful

    *What is your sanity generation in general opinion?:  Shit

    *Favorite TV story and why?:prison break; Cos its awesome? no explanation needed?

    *What do you prefer to be called if you like a specific title?: Bob

    Accepted, Welcome to TLC and load this as your signature --> 5sml1.jpg

  5. 8 hours ago, JBLIND said:

    Cba to read probs a load of bullshit still BMT

    It’s stupid how you judge things the whole road without even bothering to take a look, smh 

    4 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

    will loan main account when u content moderate the retard @Chef

    I guess somebody is jealous cause he didn’t have the same content rofl

    4 hours ago, Yoeriwada said:

    not gonna buy into this pyramid scheme.

    Then don’t comment son this ain’t posting warehouse.


    4 hours ago, Tupac said:

    Is there a short version I don't have an hour 

    There’s a short exist way use it and don’t bother yourself mr time baby sitter.


    @Gretar by any chance can you add dogs thread so they could play together by themselves?

    keep it low boys and out as possible, I am trying to have a clan here unless you have a feedback or support don’t show me your attention cause worthless.

  6. Good afternoon people, I had been thinking about opening a brand unique type of clans to gather the good people around and especially who has an invisible voice in his environment, The clan will be regarding to spread our voice as far as it could get for the well of benefiting each other on our great long trip of the RoatPkz history therefore during the experiences and knowledge. 

    as you know this year will be from the past and we clearly should begin a new journey as a team so in case we could be heard by the authority to demand a way comfortable road within clear vision of new serious changes, hoping to find the right members for a new generation of adventures, the secret for that to be able of succeeding is to connect together with in common parts, so lets unite and make such a huge vouch to manage the best things to fairly happen.

    A lot of events and changes could be done if we support each other toward the right decisions and surely it's gonna be a memorial trip for that am wishing to see some excitement under the radar to accomplish what's best for us.

    The clan name ( TLC ) symbolizes for " The Local Council " , It was chosen wisely by me and willing to let it remain as the main public imagination for personal reasons, and looking forward to start recruiting qualified members to the table as the Voice Officials.   

    If you wish being part of the special environment you must fill the required application, due the confirmation of your loyalty to the clan and respect of other member thoughtful ideas and opinions also you must agree to the terms and conditions as a honest person, in case feeling to cooperate with your team and having other discussions that would remain classified between the clan members.

    last but not least, the most important base is to figure out who the hell owns a real honest voice and bring him into the environment as a member of the crew with agreement to act together towards the right aim no matter what, and legal instructions will be discussed in the clan chat by very specific ranked members, more than that we will gather around as a team will get to knowing each other and share the beautiful sanity for once sake to conflict as real soldiers and learn to survive in a very twisted world, we are very few selected mankind and this is the chance to feel comfortable with your several positive team mates and make differences, things will be fun and normal but we could manage to deal with the struggles together as one and only Thunder Voice.

    The Clan is pretty much about having fun with the real personalities and investigations will happen due to figure the right ones therefore you could be able to fit as a special member, A lot could happen if we push each other to the edge and then the goodness beautiful nature souls will appear by it source... , come join us and do things you've never done lots of joy is waiting on the road hope you make the right decision and don't forget about playing together as a team imagine the things which could attract us to occupy and how far we can go while attached to the limits they put for us, I believe that we have no limits so in that case we will stand on the end of line and piss all over the area.


    Quote of mine

    "Rain Scream Will Appear The Moment You Pass Through A Long Dark Valley"

    * * *

    Basic rules

    *You're allowed to do any kind of activities and events in the clan by any Voice Official permission*

    *You can attempt to play in other clans freely but  you must inform a high ranked member such as Voice Officials before hand*

    *Flaming conversations are disabled between the members unless the opponents confirm to face each other regarding to justify the anger and move on according of forgiveness*

    *You must cooperate with your clan mates based on honesty and faith otherwise we will reconsider your situation*

    * no racism or other bullshit only open minded personalities recommended*

    *Must join the clan when you get called by the Voice Official members*

    *TLC Bar should remain as your signature depending on your rank in the clan (Will be given on acceptance)*

    *Rules are capable of changing without previous warning*


    * * *

    Required Format To Be Continued

        *Did your jack ass read and agree with the terms and conditions?: 

    *Who is your Idol?:

    *How do you value yourself?: 

    *What is your sanity generation in general opinion?: 

    *Favorite TV story and why?:

    *What do you prefer to be called if you like a specific title?:

    * * *

    The Council Presidency


    - DiscipliMast

      Voice Officials


    - Chef

    - Required

    - Required

    Recruited Members


    - Shootinstar

    - Required


    Ranked Friends



    -  Vos / Kingpakii

    - Isaiah

    - Al E Coq








  7. 1 hour ago, zeplin99 said:

    im not talking about what i do in next year since im already atking the shit i want to do. Retard im not a bigmouthed whale im a guy who can back his shit now stop fking quoting me you spastic

    You shouldn't comment on my topics when you can't handle it in the first place, Second place since you made only one step and couldn't survive until the end you are basically mine B.

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