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  1. 6 hours ago, Yoobs da king said:

    1. RoatPKZ will never change, it has always been shit since day one. RoatPKZ is a clan pking server; you getting staff wont change a damn thing since every staff member is involved with a clan and you will just try your dick off to be proper as SS, then Mod comes around and you start putting in even more hours and then Grerat hands you Admin, and then you will just become a washed up Smackd, Jblind, Yoobs or Fantastic cx(Considering he got pked for tbow at skotizo banned the guy who pked him for it then lied to gretar as to why he was at skotizo so he could get his bow back, then gretar gave the kid like 100k as compensation or w.e, so by this I mean youll just be another abusive Admin when you get there or youll just be a toxic clan mod taking sides n shit...)


    2. The fact your asking your mates, for support simply displays nothing will change when or if you get staff.


    3. "Whoever wants to be the best server" Just shows you are willing to lie to yourself because how da fuck do you know this server will be the best simply with you as staff when there is tens of thousands of servers you have never played so the fact you assume this server would be the "best" truly baffles me.


    4. Stop meme'ing, to get staff here you either A. Played since 2011. B. made a staff application. C. You boxed an admin so he could escape death in wild. or D.(Sucked the D for staff.)


    Oh ye since I just addressed it @Fantastic I fucking told ur dumbass when you got SS and then Mod, don't become another Jblind, Smackd, Yoobs... "Ye dw im not" -safe "are you sure" Fanny- "Yeah I wont let it come to that" 


    I just love how every player here has no fucking clue what really goes on within this server. Your dumbass wont change shit @Chef

    If you want staff Chef find a server where the owner gives a fuck

    This aint gretars main source of income so quite frankly he dont give a shit what goes on until an admin steals osrs gp from his jew ass


    (Inb4 Jblind or Smackd deletes this post cause its offensive even though they call kids faggots in yell daily, or fanny removes his one little section.)

    You’re fuckin’ realist mane, couldn’t agree less with you but am simply on the 1% side affect.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Lineup said:

    I don't.
    Your lack of basic grammar, sentence-structuring and logical thinking makes becoming staff a bit of a journey. One you might never finish.
    Best of luck.

    I thought someone like you could teach or be useful to others.

  3. 5 hours ago, Gretar said:

    I got u brother, what skills do you want to see first and how do you want them inplemented?

    Sorry gretar but it doesn't go that way, the thoughts which has approved on your server are limited.

    5 hours ago, Same Sea said:

    i mean could give the resource area some usage. 

    No need,

    5 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

    Resource area, wilderness course, ::chins could all be skills

    Very limited and boring.. smh

    4 hours ago, Tupac said:

    Roatpkz becoming a whole lot less pkz

    Roat without pkz is error.

    3 hours ago, paramingo said:

    Skilling would be nice, more pvm locations maybe you can add raids? Also a great idea would be if you lower a little bit on the weekly tournament osrs payouts and add a weekly competition with something like the guy who ends with the best elo of the week that would pay out in osrs.  @Gretar

    I have a better plan with a map.

  4. I can see that the song is really related to you smackd , well most likely people listen to match their thoughts , You seem cool I guess looking forward to see cooperation from you to achieve the better things.

  5. If you guys didn’t bother to read what basically led you to comment on my wall with childish opinions.. no cool m8s uwot know me yet.

    16 hours ago, JBLIND said:

    Didn't understand anything apart from you just want to be staff but you're a fucking retard 

    Try learn on how to forgive on youtube and open your mind once you read my dope again before responding without thinking.

  6. Good afternoon folks, I am sorry for having to go through several topics to be as clear as supposed to be i would like to suggest myself for the staff member or wherever to begin at hopefully being official would leave a different impact to anyone, before making any type of judgmental errors i need from you to really spend several minutes to understand what i really am trying deliver and each time it gives me a step back i'm figuring other new decent ideals and with your wide minded network i want you to be completely honest with your support plus the logic feedback. It will cost you going to this topic (


     ), - And scroll down to find my fair demand for being a very useful part for this hidden lovely community as in officially would make such huge differences and with my knowledge and persistence i could benefit everyone at any cost as long i'm truly indeed.

    PS: It's important that you leave a proper impression towards the username Chef  based on honesty in public to allow other staff members of taking actions, So this is very real and personal and I don't mind with people giving any honest feedback about me on this topic especially if capable of supporting and vouching for my switch moderation toward this community and i simply just want to help as much as needed to make sure everything is right!

    I wished to be able finding any kind of poll content but didn't manage to find the best answers for the situation so there will be no real poll in that case you should possibly vouch for me below this details or your honest feedback, thank you for the provided effort. Goodluck,

    A simple special pack for the roatpkz timing!

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  7. 7 hours ago, mong00l said:

    So ... yesterday i hit a 69-0 ags - maul on tyhma's 5hp and he killed me, he talked alot of shit in yell and wouldn't rm

    now we rematched at ::risk and he got slapped within 20 seconds , avoided to risk more bc he knew he would plank.



    IDIOT BTW.. go back to watching anime you cant pk brother :P #GSLTNNEXUS


    ALSO HE DIED TO MY M8 OP SHACKO like 10 minutes earlier LMFAO 



    This topic is more like an stated evidence for a specific rule such as the rushed mouths aren't as big as the engine switch and could end leading to turn off any fake spell easily.

  8. Other suggestions wouldn't matter since most of it gets considered as not serious or beneficial , so why bother?

    The truth usually is very hard to be accepted according other private bases that's obvious but what about this plain suggestion would it even be bothering for something to look at?, There's only one way to figure out and which simply is most of the time when I face by myself the basic logic, and I assure you that each person can see in theirself how an reality with influence of can end up managing things way over beyond the scenes and that can lead to a big time toxicity smell which possibly could reach to each human beings mindsets to convince them otherwise according to where the influence anonymously begin, And other mutual contents could possibly see in me that I put a little more than supposed of effort in turn to be capable of demanding such as important stuff like the player safety and emotionally secured since you don't know what people move through in that case I would like to suggest myself for the Staff-team nor Server Support / Leader since I have a lot of information that can benefit each player if ever needed , other than that I will be always easy to reach in case anyone needed my help or time I will make sure to provide as much as it requires me to accomplish the right thing.

    - I personally don't find why that shouldn't happen, I mean i'm the only person who are capable of providing time to any single roatpkz related member and I assure you the community will act in a change chapter during the long term and there's a huge opportunity for the server to grow up big time when everyone find their only hope in this life which can be simply spelled as, Being comfortable and secured between your the only one environment that's the secret of the total power and together we can move through anything with a decent leader who properly fits in such thing and I confidently say that I am well qualified for the official rank and I believe that I deserve the shot according to myself value.

    Looking forward to make a huge impact on this decent server and certainly it does worth the shot to provide such as thing and I know that I don't stop until I get what I ever wanted as most of you see that I grind hard , Regrets in the future there won't be any since I will go at my best to close all of the deals as much possible before leaving a bad step behind and I hope that this sound very Logic to the right persons too because there's nothing to lose by bringing a lost piece to the platform to make it look ten times better!

    PS: This is not any kind of sarcasm or type of jokes what makes this unique is the accuracy of experiences and knowledge approved on the hallway board and hoping to see some serious reactions on this for the goodness sake of once a lifetime, Your time will be very appreciated as long as the honesty could stay with the lines attached and thank you.

    Top sincere regards




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  9. 11 hours ago, JBLIND said:

    PvP Changes


    Anglerfish no longer overheal if the player is in the Wilderness or in a PvP instance zone, the likes of ::smackd, :pvp, ::brid & ::meth. You'd also not be able to consume an Anglerfish then to teleport to any of these zones which would result in your HP being set to 99.

    After using a special attack you would not be able to teleport for a 'few' seconds in any PvP scenario. You're also unable to teleport while your special attack is activated. 

    Should we bring these to

    Just let gretar remove Angerlfish and add Rocktail instead since you don't like seen things twice a day because it would be boring easily for you.

    And it doesn't make sense if you can't teleport while the special attack is activated well i mean it's not necessary to do that type of changes in wilderness, Gretar could possibly work on a new zone where you enter without going back unless dead it will be as surviving with protect on is just a matter to get slayed and the real mobs should be announced over yell with a simple yelltag and a very decent prize for the winners.

    Goodluck, @Gretar @Smackd@Fantastic



  10. Few staff doesn't like your content and will certainly consider this as post counting or some other thoughtful crap in such case i have a little coded ending to whoever dislikes your posts because it's not as boring as their whale mouths _|_ a plain and simple rule for our Boredom Kingdom members.

    Keep it up,


  11. 28 minutes ago, zeplin99 said:

    nigga i wake up and i Login in roatz fourms and first Thing i see is you quoting me? do you have a life rofl

    You wash your face on the roat banner and clean your teeth with the loader background when you wake up why do you keep mentioning life when roat make you living, remain silent already.

  12. 8 hours ago, Xex said:

    When someone yells "Trading rsgold for roat" and gets banned instantly by one of the abusive staff members

    Would you ever miss the chance of feeding yourself just a short coded command for the long dirty Chameleon smile? 

  13. you forgot to sit comfortably steady before entering wilderness, using one hand and being sleepy infront of pc attempting to pk isn’t a proper choice however its done anyway.. even though not sure what you do with your left hand, do u really just hang it around in cold blood or have you kept something busy under the table...

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