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  1. lol cant take you serious anymore
  2. what 88h max you did was 3hours i have seen so far LOL
  3. I was questioning where your 14 year old response was it's finally here you 20min ragger
  4. Cu u traumatized slave loc 2 hard u were sad man.... not even i did that
  5. This abuse going on for to long finally action is taken
  6. look this turkish ex staff trying to flame L00L
  7. Looking forward tot he daily rm
  8. they play friend politics https://gyazo.com/1a8d4188c136236ce62bc94cb2ab0eb2 https://gyazo.com/6a48e101f68be6ca843153fdac508f73 you get mac banned for sayin 3 words this guy gets nothing for saying this :P?
  9. called urself nr1 ragger n no laster no mod 4 u men :P?
  10. imagine talking in caps and flaming and asking if i am mad :P? potatovidmaker elo
  11. u edit ur post potatovidmaker in 2k18 elo :P?
  12. You can ragg in edge wildy at any time don't matter what any staffmember says state rule 12 , unless bigman zezima comes then you gotta stop tho
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