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  1. Now im beginning to like you jblind, you slowly joining to my side. Can you look into my appeal please and thanks.
  2. bro im #1 on this server #Gym Life. alot of people has respect for me
  3. So basicly, im getting banned on forums that i just fucked you guys over with the truth, i know its frustrating when you cant have it jblind. look howmany people likes me and want me to come back, because without me and others the server is just boring you know that self to, look yelllchat now no1 is talking shit only buying and selling it seems like a robot game there is nothing fun on it you know that self too. even john and others said you making the community laughing etc. anyway i had yesterday 23 Reputation from 1 post and it stood that it was popular post jblind, so fuck ur self. now back at SMACKD THE RAT, smackd im from ISIS ( Islamic States ) i will mother fucking bomb ur cancer family and the home where you live so hard, that you can just scream to gretar to teleport you fucking virgin tunnel whore. Funny thing is, how can this FANTASTIC get mod in 2 months time and ban after 2 years? and jblind after 1 year, is he sucking you guys hard in hes throat on skype or am i wrong? i mean like who the fuck are all theses SS to do big ass and acting like they are cool, half of them are just random fuckers, who im gonna RAG their mothers soon. @Gretar TAR> RAT i swear you fucked your own server up matey no joke, you making idiots STaff and letting them fuck ur server day by day over. Zoradz went half year away, he comes back boem hes staff position is back, when i ask you to give me you saying ohh noo jblind dont want you, should i choose you over jblind ''''yes mother fucker choose me over that blind kid'' Jblind i swear im gonna kidnap ur cancer family in a Van and murder them in your tunnel
  4. naah g naah, I AM THE KING OF FLAMER / RAGGER / LIFE RUINER / FUCKING FAMILY. just to know, this says enuf that you dont know me. no1 can do anything about me because im #KING GYM. lemme remind you, search my profile Gym Life on forums. look all my posts how i fucked whole forums up. Even staffs cant do anything about me, just know it. #GRETAR IS MY BRO, also my lil rat
  5. look even people like you getting SS, server is so terrible
  6. This Rat, oke listen up this guy keeps muting me for 60mins. like hes king of the server man listen fantastic the rat, i will mother fucking burn your bones and put them 1 by 1 in your arabic nans ass. do you understand me. you fucking internet whore thinking you are cool or something i can flame who i want and i can fuck them all when i want. do you understand me you piece of ratata tail. AND GRETAR > you have no life got me. you guys suck each others dick daily for getting staff smackd ur cancer nan, hitler forgot to gass your family. you guys are 1 whores who sells their ass on street to africans and somalians. you guys have to go outside or to doctor for brain check. jblind ur nan is a orphan whore, who sucks me daily when you are binded with a rope on the bed. your family beating you always and using you as a slave whore. fantastic back at you again you orphan adopted nigerian whore, who the fuck are you and where did you came from you piece of tunnel rat. get back in your nans ass you prick, you dont deserve to live you whore. Everyone Can Suck my dick allright! gretar stick with your family ( roatpkz ) sad kid.
  7. Hello there, @John so as you guys can see that orphan smackd banning each of accounts of mine, so he banned my best account on forums aka GYM LIFE with high content. now i dont have Veteran rank. so i want my rank! @Gretar
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