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  1. Provide evidence or you’re as usual chatting shit
  2. Didnt i die to a like 36 ags spec to you LOL Idk but i did
  3. Who even are you? Stop flame baiting its childish.
  4. I mean we're talking about a game with no pid where you can triple eat anything, harder to get chances on this server if this server had pid this kid wouldn't even exist
  5. This guy has been so obsessed with me its ridiculous whether its 3 hour brid sessions where I literally chance him over 10 times with him having nothing in return, or him following me everywhere whilst im streaming trying to force me to fight him. If theres anyone that represents a position as adamzors biggest fanboy it would be this person. If you find yourself dealing with this child, just ignore list him, kill him and then move on just another flame baiter trying to bring the worst out of people. Whilst I've been trying to move on from my tirade of being annoying and toxic to people theres obviously cases that are exceptions, NH Tank, Adam, and Khalil just to name a few. Stupid beef is stupid move on children. + meme clip on his V2 buddy who were shit talking me whilst solo tanking at lever whilst in a call with slapped & friends https://www.twitch.tv/videos/576316506
  6. tbh if anything I appreciate you guys not having a section specifically flaming me, half expected it, where I might dislike individual members of RG hopefully this a nice turn around from the pointless flame war. (half expecting this reply to get taken the complete wrong way)
  7. Ive never died to you and I probably never will.
  8. You’re genuinely the most autistic annoying kid ive met on this server jesus christ
  9. stop making posts ur legit embarrassing
  10. This Nigga sits in hills nhing with ahk expected me to fight him oml.
  11. Ahker and big avoider, rock up to brid anyday and ill make everyone forget who you are
  12. ??? wtf is this garbage LOOOOOL
  13. Its funny you waited to record this when i wasnt online so you didnt eat shit
  14. Rag bot just dismantled you at hills lmao why even post this
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