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  1. post one pic of ghost or big bum bum lmao also i use u like a cum rag whenever i see u in risk xd
  2. this was in like 2 days 20k+ ea lmao only aussies know
  3. well he unbanned his ahking friend so u wrong on that
  5. bro good luck talking any sense to this circle jerk lmao ragbot literally dropped what hes doing to not only unban him but to run to risk to try and replicate a proof video for the guy aswell on the second time, this guy puts up the most obvious ahk switch pov and its computer lag and i put up two gifs of me switching and i "reported myself!!!!!!!", the entire server pms staff all this info on lemon they dont wana hear it, but ragbot will follow me invis for a week trying to ban me for a gif that he literally warned me about two weeks ago? https://i.gyazo.com/fc2fa79c571484b28bb02f10b030dd90.mp4 the other gif of my switch is a recording of a gif thats why the frames are choppy, and thats literally the truth. here is also the mp4 i sent in that they completely dont address or talk about if ur in his team he'll tell u who shares what accs what ips log on who, whos a spy, and will go out of his way to try and ban an op but when someone on his side does it he will literally ignore you and even unban them himself yeah my bad dude guess my brain lags like his cursor does bro he cant even 1tick a four way l0000000000000l?? and we have no braincells? ragbot didnt even go and look at his kit either like what he did to me ontop of that but he can one tick a 7 way up to his boots cant even 1 tick a 4 way after the spec in his actual proof video and that recording of his ags hotkey against jag is literally hilarious, everyone in the pk community is laughing at this dude accept staff who know more listen ban him or not idc i dont care about this lemon guy i just think its funny the entire ban who u feel like bias type thing
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/a16598ca96e4eb097e88d1e088f3946e.mp4 bro i just hate this fkn lag!!! my mouse keeps cutting right angles and one ticking people with demonic speed maybe i should restart my router hate when my internet connection makes my cursor also stop loading! good thing i was just unbanned for my 1tick 7 way tb from my v2 friend ragbot luckily my bro ran to risk to make a video to defend me! see its exactly the same! nice and smooth just like the original! his tbs are even better imo maybe he lagged extra hard for this one **UPDATE** l000000000000000000000000000000000 his.. mouse... LAGGED!!!
  7. 2:40 sitting 72 hp mage pray for a claw spec 1 brew left at level 1 wildy and still somehow flaming and ur best kill is on anchorsmack who started bridding like two days ago for 250 pkp
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