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  1. Klout by YSL Reggie, Toronto based rapper I believe.
  2. @Gretar @Smackd @Fantastic Good updates, glad to see divine finally removed. Now can we please get elys wiped and made significantly rarer? Maybe even consider wiping all of spectral/arcane/ely and making each sigil rarer. And also please make brews/sanfew/restores all cost pkp.
  3. This has gotta be a troll post right?
  4. Divine should be removed completely Ely needs to be made significantly rarer Brews/Restores/Sanfews should all cost pkp
  5. Nice video. Maybe for the next one work on improving the video quality from 480p?
  6. I hope this is a troll, if so it's a quality shitpost. If not than this is easily one of the dumbest suggestions I've seen in my 4+ years on Roat.
  7. What error did you get? Worked perfectly for me. While unlikely one possibility could be the version of python you're using. I did all this in Python 3.
  8. @Xex is this what you wanted? This should have fixed all the issues you had encountered and I believe works how you want it to. You simply needed all your 'if' and 'elif' statements after the first one to be properly indented. And the tax() at the end to run the defined function. def tax(): a = input("Are you Single, or Joint?: ") if a =='single': income = int(input("What is your income?: ")) if income > 500000: print("40% TAX RATE") elif 500000 >= income > 100000: print("25% TAX RATE") elif 100000 >= income > 20000: print("10% TAX RATE") elif 20000 >= income: print("Free") if a =='joint': income = int(input("What is your income?: ")) if income > 500000: print("30% TAX RATE") elif 500000 >= income > 150000: print("20% TAX RATE") elif 150000 >= income > 35000: print("10% TAX RATE") elif 35000 >= income: print("Free") tax()
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