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  1. Random shitpost, but i thought it was funny af, got a kill. jalon tried to barrage me to make me unable to loot it, so i tele out, tele back in. and this happens --> https://gyazo.com/3cdd962699a2a563fad38b708bd608cb https://gyazo.com/04fe5341483b4f7e86c82b601cd1a8ed So, long story short. man thinks im abusing mod powers cuz ::Hills brought me next to him. at hills. topkek. (The kill in question, rng levels through the roof here. https://gyazo.com/64c5884b4b1252e8fccdd261e69145a6
  2. I think this is where i quit pking for good ;D
  3. I have called him fanta for as long as i can remember.
  4. Unlucky my man, keep it up. soon you get my spec rng.
  5. "Average pker?" https://gyazo.com/e61b8c0a1fe996bf674c45e5719d8a4a explain pls.
  6. Nicely done! keep up the good vids. (PS. my voids stronger than urs)
  7. "loves anime porn tho" ahahahahah killed me :'D thanks m9
  8. This is true! but my goal was to help people get their very first 10-20k with this. i will make more guides if they are needed for various pvm related stuff. if its requested that is.
  9. i'm kinda anti staking/gambling, or unless up till the point i have extra pkp tickets to play with. i'm the item hoarder type, as one can see from my bank
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