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  1. Premiers in 1h 26minutes from the time making this post. giveaway info is in the description of the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW_mFnXwQNU
  2. Added a line explaining the tumekens shadow usage method and the new BIS gear example.
  3. Hello! i have decided to host an open tournament for any NHer on Roatz who is interested! it will be a LMS style tournament where gear is upgraded on kill based on a random wheel roll. the tournament format will be double elimination, with a "improved" list of items (bad items removed, some added). Everyone starts the tournament off with the same gear. For more detailed information on upgrade list/gear please join the discord below and apply to the tournament! the tournament will also be streamed on @Hatcx youtube channel, and giveaways will be hosted between the rounds! there are 29 open spots remaining so join up if you are interested! https://discord.gg/aajNKfUJ
  4. What can i say, School,Lost Ark,Tekken and Elden ring kinda taking up my time
  5. It has truly been a while since i last made a video, and i am proud to present my 5th pk video on roat pkz! 1m (infernal cape) giveaway, find code in description! Click here for the video!
  6. With the introduction of COX i thought i would write up this quick guide on my method of soloing/doing chambers and some basic facts about the great olm bossfight! Basics: Basic attacks : The great olm has 2 basic attacks. Mage and Ranged Mage attack (Big green ball) -> Ranged attack (small green crystal) -> Special attacks: The great olm has four special attacks he can do regardless of the phase. Teleport special: in solos olm will randomly choose a tile in the room which you must stand on when this special activates. Rising crystal: Olms melee hand will have a glowing symbol of a crystal on top of it, and the tile you are standing on as he initiates this will have green particles on it signaling a rising crystal. example gif here -> https://gyazo.com/5749a0fe75463cde81accd4b92936242 Prayer drain special: Olm will deactivate your protection prayers and fire a projectile which you must pray against according to the color. if prayed correctly this will drain 50% of your current prayer points. Blue = Protect from magic. Example gif -> https://gyazo.com/c119f63d1e7c64556f81e326c89673a5 Green = Protect from ranged. Example gif -> https://gyazo.com/1b5b1ef133a1c1371b3386d44757d977 Red = Protect from melee. Example gif -> https://gyazo.com/594363b9cb7af477119b84f81ac023be Passing lightning: Olm will fire off lightnings which go north to south or south to north across the olm room. you must either sidestep these or if you are confident you can one tick move through them. One tick move example gif -> https://gyazo.com/e1abcd8d61e01993fd685bbf6e743418 Phase specific special attacks: You can tell which phase it is based on the msg in your chatbox "The great olm rises with the power of -----" (the 3rd/last phase has the power of all phases at once) Flame phase: Burn with me: Olm fires off a ball of fire at you inflicting you with a slow burning fire that will do 5 damage a tick for 10 ticks for a total of 50dmg. if you are doing chambers in groups this flame will bounce to other players if they come in 1 tile range of you. example gif -> https://gyazo.com/c2027ced1e4649d0a066c4fd24d11dc2 Fire wall: Olm fires off 2 walls of flames trapping the player inside if not dodged. if you are still inside the wall after a short duration it will deal big damage to you and vanish. you may escape the fire wall by using a water/ice spell and "dousing" a part of the wall. example gif -> https://gyazo.com/8f7c67ca999895928a483418b793ba85 Acid phase: Acid splatter: Olm fires off acid to cover certain tiles of the room. if the player steps on these tiles they will be poisoned and take damage. example gif ->https://gyazo.com/b07583ff0bf607232e6260147a7b1c81. Dripping acid: Olm slathers you with acid making you drip acid everywhere you walk. example gif ->https://gyazo.com/bd2e72fe9ff1e3b8c60d0b6d88347128 Crystal phase: Falling crystals: Olm chooses you as his target causing crystals to drop on you from above. this can be easily dodged as long as you keep moving. example gif ->https://gyazo.com/24936e2965f638df0d6c807e9edc84c2 Crystal bombs: Olm fires off 2 crystal bombs into random tiles of the room which explode after a short time. staying a few tiles away from these will dodge any damage. example gif ->https://gyazo.com/adceb74f0d5e1beacbc0bc1a27342dcd Chambers of Xeric Normal/Challenge mode solo guide. Running the Great Olm head during Phase 1/2: Mage hand : Running the mage hand is done with a attack -> 2 step -> attack -> 2 step rotation. (Example shown below) -> When using the Tumeken's shadow the method changes to a attack -> 2step -> attack -> 2step -> attack -> skip hit repeat. https://gyazo.com/7be2bdf581334b130ddae8e01936194b Keep in mind that on Roatz Olm head is a game tick or so faster than the trident/sanguinesti staff so you will occasionally have to skip a hit between the 2step rotation to ensure olm does not "catch up" to you during this rotation. the safest way to do it to guarantee not messing up is 2 hits -> skip hit -> 2 hits -> skip hit. (Hit skipping example shown below ) -> https://gyazo.com/4e31539be0067162fb6eda6b1f479480 Melee hand : Running the melee hand is done with a simple Attack -> run back -> Attack loop. (Example shown below) -> https://gyazo.com/958b339d88ec1fcc40d6cb41378f4e92 For the melee hand an easy way to get into rhythm is to wait on the starting square until olms head has stopped turning (towards the melee side) and attacking then -> running back. This should be much easier to learn/get used to. Running the Great Olm head during the last phase (PH3): Unlike phases 1/2 on this phase olm does not "clench" his melee hand making it untargetable, so we can start working on the melee hand first. keeping in mind on the last phase (ph3) we must kill both hands in quick succession, so we want to leave the melee hand on 5% or less hp before moving onto the mage hand. PH4 / Olm head: For this part. i personally have not found any fancy methods of running the head in order to negate damage (This stands for now, if i find any i will update this post.) so i just run from 1 end of the room to the other attacking once on left side / once on middle / once on right side. to try and take as little hits as possible. during this phase you want to focus on dodging the crystals/prayer flicking (yes, you can pray olms attacks after they are fired). Raiding Kit examples (beginner friendly) : Budget void setup example -> Semi max set for beginners example -> New best in slot gear. Zaryte crossbow is used to spec the head whenever possible. PS. runes in the rune pouch are Water/Mind/Air for water strike on normal spellbook. When/If the pvp armors/Weapons are removed from being usable in COX change the SWH into a DWH/BGS. The more comfortable with this method you get, the more switches you can bring to maximize your damage output. Other tips/tricks: A few things to keep in mind that will help you get better results in chambers. - Drinking Revitalisation/Sanfew potions only when necessary. This is because the prayer drain attack will only drain 50% of your current prayer points. - If you are using a blood fury amulet And/Or a sanguinesti staff it is recommended not to drink brews to heal when you can use their built-in healing mechanics to get back upto 99hp. - Remember to use the Ruby dragon bolts (E) for the first 50-60% of the olm head, then switch to Diamond dragon bolts (E) - If you are planning on running any challenge mode runs, run energy/stamina can become a problem if you are not high agility. it is preferred to have 2 stamina potions for a normal run, and 3 for challenge mode. if you can "manage" your run energy/stamina doses properly 2 are enough for challenge mode with 99 agility. Full kill example -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlFctunoVYs
  7. Was a blast to try it out / give feedback. looking forward to getting the olmlet pet with dust!
  8. should i be happy i was entirely skipped and not flamed?
  9. Hey, yea. i still do offer these, i just dont look at the forum post too much. and the main reason i did not want to put prices up here is to avoid the potential of people copying the idea and undercutting me, never know what type of scammer influx that could also create.
  10. New finished service pic added to original post ->
  11. This conflicted feeling of wanting to kiss you and smack you at the same time is weird.
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