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  1. #NEEKS are back at it with their 2nd pvp compilation! go show some love to the squad
  2. Hello and thank you for watching my "Final" video. I decided to finally do what i've been pushing back on doing, A.K.A finishing my studies. so i'm going to put rs on the back foot for atleast a year. no saying if i'll return after that year either. The giveaway will be for around 1million PKP and will be rolled out in a week, so next wednesday. View the screenshot for the giveaway items. https://gyazo.com/138d16eec58752a4f05ba6aecc1e5b6b Once again, thank you for the great experience/memories/moments i've had on roatz.
  3. As allways brother, very strong. would like to Challenge this tho. "I am the very best at the game nobody is above me I am basically God of roatpkz "
  4. Hello Everyone from Roaty pkz! Me and a few friends from our discord "Neeks" decided to pile up our clips to make the ultimate pvp compilation! hope you enjoy!
  5. Go show em whos the boss Adam! My Protege #Neeks #Spartans #VM
  6. As it turns out, it was not my last pk video. cant seem to leave this game and the community. Special thanks to @WAHEY for once again pulling through with the edits. love you brother
  7. mfw you scam the little lamb i gave you for this videos giveaway. refund loc?
  8. A pixel i do get but gied4life for mod? that came out from the dark. anyways, gz
  9. Hello! Finally got someone to cut/add up my clips into a video whitout edits, just a quick cut + song on top. (his choosing) Haven't had any motivation to keep pumping out clips/hunting for them for hours a day. new pc and all, new games finally playable so been on other games. And yes, i know. quality is still the same shit as my first one, due to non changed settings for recorder. VID -> https://youtu.be/FLyOH-G8e6U
  10. Still cant see how its that hard. i dont have a massive clan backing me and i get jads/skotizos for rigours almost daily. donts ee the problem here. knowing what ur doing = free jad/skotz.
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