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  1. Go show em whos the boss Adam! My Protege #Neeks #Spartans #VM
  2. As it turns out, it was not my last pk video. cant seem to leave this game and the community. Special thanks to @WAHEY for once again pulling through with the edits. love you brother
  3. mfw you scam the little lamb i gave you for this videos giveaway. refund loc?
  4. A pixel i do get but gied4life for mod? that came out from the dark. anyways, gz
  5. Hello! Finally got someone to cut/add up my clips into a video whitout edits, just a quick cut + song on top. (his choosing) Haven't had any motivation to keep pumping out clips/hunting for them for hours a day. new pc and all, new games finally playable so been on other games. And yes, i know. quality is still the same shit as my first one, due to non changed settings for recorder. VID -> https://youtu.be/FLyOH-G8e6U
  6. Still cant see how its that hard. i dont have a massive clan backing me and i get jads/skotizos for rigours almost daily. donts ee the problem here. knowing what ur doing = free jad/skotz.
  7. Keep up the good work brotha. #spartans
  8. Ye, the quality got obliterated due to the shitshow of a process we had to go through to get the clips to the editor. my newbie mistakes ruined it and we had to -> upload -> convert -> download -> and that raped the quality But it is a learning curve, hope to get better quality for the next one
  9. So, after many people told me to make a video out of the clips i had, here it is. special and massive thanks to my boy @WAHEY for helping me get started with recording and editing the video. Good man. P.S yes, i know. my laughs retarded.
  10. Random shitpost, but i thought it was funny af, got a kill. jalon tried to barrage me to make me unable to loot it, so i tele out, tele back in. and this happens --> https://gyazo.com/3cdd962699a2a563fad38b708bd608cb https://gyazo.com/04fe5341483b4f7e86c82b601cd1a8ed So, long story short. man thinks im abusing mod powers cuz ::Hills brought me next to him. at hills. topkek. (The kill in question, rng levels through the roof here. https://gyazo.com/64c5884b4b1252e8fccdd261e69145a6
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