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  1. Good work man, keep it up. PS. Finland > Australia #KingFinland
  2. sorry i had entered the tournament and couldnt make it, something really came up irl. Apologies.
  3. Team name = Liquidations Team mate = Dr4g0n Sp34r
  4. King Arturia

    Jtir killpics

    Just adding these to add salt to jtir's day kill pic1 kill pic2 kill pic3 kill pic4
  5. King Arturia

    Kokouiv1 = Free loot?

    yea, its an old pic so i lost the picture with the loot. but it was divine,tsotd,tent,vesta legs,morri top,eternals,ags,serp,acb,ring,zuriels
  6. King Arturia

    Kokouiv1 = Free loot?

    Old pic but was asked to post it ;P Kill Pic