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  1. New finished service pic added to original post ->
  2. This conflicted feeling of wanting to kiss you and smack you at the same time is weird.
  3. Yea, if people want me to make an estimate price per skill i can set one up on the post. Thanks
  4. Skilling Service You might be wondering, what is skilling service? And why do I offer this to you on a PK server like Roat Pkz. Since the introduction of clue scrolls and max cape requires certain levels. A lot of people do not want to do it. This is where I come in the picture. I offer YOU skilling service of your need. I provide any skilling service EXCLUDING slayer for at fair price based on each skill. I accept requests for a single skill, package deal or even all 99s - excluding slayer. **DISCLAIMER once the service is ongoing, there's a chance of loosing kill streak and KDR, so consider this aswell. Contact me on Discord for further questions or request @ " ItsEmotional#7720 " Finished jobs ->
  5. #NEEKS are back at it with their 2nd pvp compilation! go show some love to the squad
  6. Hello and thank you for watching my "Final" video. I decided to finally do what i've been pushing back on doing, A.K.A finishing my studies. so i'm going to put rs on the back foot for atleast a year. no saying if i'll return after that year either. The giveaway will be for around 1million PKP and will be rolled out in a week, so next wednesday. View the screenshot for the giveaway items. https://gyazo.com/138d16eec58752a4f05ba6aecc1e5b6b Once again, thank you for the great experience/memories/moments i've had on roatz.
  7. As allways brother, very strong. would like to Challenge this tho. "I am the very best at the game nobody is above me I am basically God of roatpkz "
  8. Hello Everyone from Roaty pkz! Me and a few friends from our discord "Neeks" decided to pile up our clips to make the ultimate pvp compilation! hope you enjoy!
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