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  1. -when barraging (blood barrage or ice) It only does damage to one monster even if more are arround -npc's can't stack at all -little scorpions in Scorpia pit don't count as task and the tiny spiders on hill don't count as task either just some small things which would be nice if fixed :_) also a suggestion to add pvp armour drops to slayer tasks in rev cave
  2. The merge didn't turn out as expected I suppose. --------------------------------------- PM Chuck or AK to spy. https://discord.gg/znCxA9
  3. spartans 1.0 After 3 days of Uganda Unit being open, we have had 2 fights with Sportans (just heard of them sorry if I spelled it wrong). After avoiding us for 2 days we finally get a fight due to them thinking their superior numbers would keep them safe.(they were wrong). First, we caught "hasham v2" lacking at 44s and died on a half to a single ags spec from Keytracker. Next, getting tired of these avoider noobs all camping alien armour(divines and justiciar) we decided to spear 1 of the noob in complete max onto the portal who got a bit too close, where 7 Ugandan tribesmen were ready with our spears. gf to "mikeP" dead for ancestral etc. The final kill was on a straggler "op shacko" who mustve muted in discord when they said don't go near the portal who ran 1 step away from portal and was swiftly shoved on! 1 spear job im afraid! respect tho! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PM "Chuck" or "AK" to spy on your shit team https://discord.gg/ReZ3Rf
  4. @Persona @Schrute Farm
  5. https://discord.gg/E6pgyV pm a leader to discuss joining / spying - currently a 50m 07 giveaway
  6. bruh this is such a fucking tune
  7. Like Comment and Sub for chance at 50k! also use ::reffer ak47
  8. You mage camped me 99.9% of the fight only reason you won lol. You are lucky i didnt think about contacting staff mid fight and getting you DQ'd. Nutrider
  9. Enjoy the vid brous. Use referr code AK47
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