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  1. daily task scroll prices are crashing enough, more points would mean more cheap scrolls, im not a fan of that
  2. it takes 2 seconds to do the genie, just do it
  3. Fun time is the best player on the server, deserves promotion. he is always helpful and responsive. I trust him, and you can trust him. if anyone should be a mod or have a promotion it is him.
  4. sick guide bro, will help new players
  6. i only agree with this in the way that some people put over priced items in the tp as a scam for example a bgs that is 2500pkp theyll put in for 250k pkp to try and catch someone. somethin should be done about that
  7. I think we all can agree the donator zone needs an overhaul. The singles plus addition is good, but the old players miss the multi wars there too,
  8. The loot keys are cool, but we need more places to open them. my clans ::Cz dosent have a chest for it. maybe a right-click open option would be a good idea?
  9. i've never won anything from these, imagining a scythe for that is crazy! nice video.
  10. GARRIX THE MAN, welcome back dude, always fun chatting with you in game.
  11. nice vid but lets see you go against rg and gs9, more singles action is needed on Roatz!
  12. good luck, always good to see more clans, and now a pvm focused clan is cool.
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