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  1. I like how it is now. You can get rid of the venom by picking a kit. To be safe, always pick a fresh kit when you Tele to a safe zone.
  2. Havent met him yet, but all roatpkz staff is awesome. Thats the reason why roatpkz is on its way to top of the community. Gretar and the whole staff really care and it shows.
  3. Yo. I need a social media pack. Youtube, sig, alot bro. Ill buy you a regular donator ticket. Pm me
  4. Nice video bro. Can i pk with yall ?
  5. My goal is to be youtube rank and extreme donater. See you at the top.
  6. im back videos coming soon on roat and osrs thanks to gretar and the rest of the staff for keeping roatz the best muhfuggin server see you in roatz
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