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  1. great video brother keep up the oodt work
  2. just thought id drop in you know shout out the boys even tho they opps they out here doin they own thing and shit man that is resepectable af
  3. woah ur wild bro damn nice greater demonics
  4. mark ass trick ass nigga ass twink ass sally lookin ass boy tryna start shit get smacked boi with your potatoe head ass nigga
  5. yea bro keep telling ppl u got spied and it was bs, we totally needed a spy to lure u into multi or whatever dumb excuse your telling your clanmates.
  6. Imagine posting a thread for 50k. Imagine ratgang not posting a thread about 100k. Imagine we caught your guys killing pvmers. You must be big mad bout 100k 2 do dis shit l0l
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