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  1. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    GFX designer/MoeGraphica

    nice teeth gap
  2. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]


    the day i can spec 70-30s on tank like you is the day i made it.
  3. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    GWD Cave fix?

  4. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    GWD Cave fix?

    there was an update where all ladders got fixed, but i guess the cave got left out is what i mean
  5. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    GWD Cave fix?

    The current GWD cave(27 wild) east of Dareeyak teleport is not working, Would think this would be fixed with all ladders getting fixed etc but it still doesnt work I know dareeyak aint a hotspot but whenever theres a key at lava maze running south the GWD cave would be a viable way to tank.
  6. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    Deepwild brew cap?

    yh true when i pick up a wildy key on 07 i get poisoned bro
  7. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    Auto Void repair option

    fucking retard just dont fucking die braindead planker
  8. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    Illey Exposed?!?

    id think you be used to people not introducing themselves since ur mom fucks another man every single day...
  9. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    Illey Exposed?!?

    shut up fat ginger kid
  10. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    Illey Exposed?!?

    dw nigga send em to me dawg
  11. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    Unkillable man planks

    macbook playerekiller lool
  12. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    Illey Exposed?!?

    idk what ur trying to get out of thislmfao, i doubt a single person has clicked all of ur links but thanks for sharing your information bro!
  13. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    weakside dies to double vls cos he takes off prayer lol

    i mean did i ever step into multi in max/to pk serious? you are?
  14. J[ag] [E] S[vensk]

    weakside dies to double vls cos he takes off prayer lol

    LMFAO that probs means a lot when i suicided 40 times in multi, show the loot