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  1. nutrider lol u take everything i do serious which is very funny!
  2. Sit back niggas, Dumb whores tried contesting the unstoppable 3 Clan merge, the official server merge, they thought they had what it takes to take down the best SIKE NIGGA YOU THOUGHT THIS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U ACT SILLY Yep they really did die that many times dont ask me how PUBLIC DISCORD https://discord.gg/xHm3nTS PM TO SPY ON UR TEAM TODAY LMFAO
  3. dOgs aRe LitErAlLy kNoWn fOr bEiNg lOyaL shut up retard sch tu no1 asked
  4. how can we call them opps? they run off and leave they friends for dead, more like a bunch of dogs.
  5. banger vid my bro adam, good song of choice not gonna lie
  6. Owner Gretar Best person to ever touch the surface of the earth is this guy above this text man omg i love him <3333 Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 10 Hours (+17 AFK) Smd nig Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN eco holder Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 81 Hours (+77 Hours AFK) roatpk bro (brother) JBLIND - Playtime: 21 Hours (+5 Hours AFK) best replies to appeals ever dont ever demote thx Player Moderator PK Guy - Playtime: 94 Hours (+47 Hours AFK) moberator king Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 53 Hours (+34 Hours AFK) vls ballista shithead Gied4Life - Playtime: 145 Hours (+40 Hours AFK) stuckup told me to repay after tradescamming (kinda sad ngl) A Pixel - Playtime: 93 Hours (+7 Hours AFK) who? Server Support(s) 4funplayer - Playtime: 69 Hours (+158 Hours AFK) best staff apart from gretar at the momentum mate deserves a promote PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 47 Hours (+49 Hours AFK) who? Mrss King - Playtime: 32 Hours (+19 Hours AFK) what Supremium - Playtime: 27 Hours (+22 Hours AFK) ??? Tuchay - Playtime: 167 Hours (+100 Hours AFK) nooby abusive guy mutes for saying l00000l do not keep as staff thanks bAnk00 - Playtime: 450 Hours (+0 Hours AFK) best ever support and staff and king of roatpkz sand casino promote him to admin and bring roatpkz to 5000+ players daily this is the hero we dont deserve, but the hero we need! woooot
  7. like if u gonna get actors, atleast mkae sure theyre naked...
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLoFA2lZQAg&feature=youtu.be Drop a like sweet babes
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