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  1. shut up smores or else ur next lmfao stupid fucking noob go back to fortnite
  2. Capybaras Public - https://discord.gg/YXvaZ33 Coming back to roatpkz we heard of competition from teams such as batgang and v3 or w.e their names are.. However, we were quite underwhelmed... Following a quick mage bank fight where they fought to pull at the lever before one another, one straggler was caught by the name of ''TosFix'' or something (dont rly care) After they were cleared from mage bank we picked up a couple quick kills. #CAPYBARAS Pm Chuck/Craig/Jag to spy for a way out of your shit team. https://discord.gg/YXvaZ33 ^Public Discord^
  3. jag e svensk wooot yep im mmeber
  4. thank god theres no level requirements on roatpkz to join #inferno thanks ill be joining!
  5. stop talking to me jesus christ ur so cringe fuck meeee
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