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  1. In my opinion the best one so far. YouTube video
  2. Yeah, won't be in the next video
  3. New pk video, YouTube video
  4. In-game Name: Dasnio0 Youtube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBzd9esxEnT08u7iEcMaOvg/videos?view_as=subscriber Why should we pick you ?: I make PK video's with time, effort and high quality (1080p) Planning to upgrade to 1080p 60fps if necessary. I'm an active Roat PKZ player. Been playing on and off since 2015. I've got way more content coming, planning to upload atleast 1 video a week (edited with time in them). Thanks for reading.
  5. PK video 2 nothing more to add. Weird cuts in the video itself caused by speeding them up, then cutting them and adding effects. (Another thing I should learn from.) This one did take a while YouTube video
  6. Who u calling newbie
  7. Just a quick PK video. Weird colours caused by Sony Vegas, Will improve in next video. YouTube video
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