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  1. what team did you close? only time i had a team on this server was when 95% of the kids that 'single' pk now was edge pking in full rune, so tell me LMFAO LOL was just linked this asking who the fuck you are
  2. this is fucking dogshit bottom switching low tier subhuman 4ner hybrid
  3. @Kihfan55 @Team Selena Gomez How you trying to do this?
  4. You literally poured coke all over your body for no reason if I would’ve seen you in the street i would’ve curb stomped you into the dirt LOL
  5. Someone linked me it Nutrider @Hatcx when someone linked me it o didn’t believe them that it was actually you but they told me all the stupid shit you do irl for attention. You a real life clown LOOOL
  6. When did I ever fight ‘dj’ whoever the fuck that is LOL
  7. Seems like imma have to come back to piss on these randoms graves spartans still shit & cubs just as bad
  8. Imagine being this mad over someone being demoted LMFAOOOO you a klown on folk
  9. Pretty sure I 1 tapped this stupid fucking random Finnish reject at caves LOL
  10. LMFAO yeah your definitely not quitting because your embarrassed of what happen at 44s sucks to see this guy on suicide watch irl being forced to quit his favorite game over not being able to tank a tb at 44s
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