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  1. Blood Hound

    Vid 1

    Awful video hidng your name and show casing you winning tournaments
  2. Blood Hound

    Spartans day of dominance

    Meridian whales
  3. Blood Hound

    Meridians core member dead

    your cringey as fuck LOL you clan on rsps in 2019 and take it so serious it kills me sitting in your discord and coming back 10 hours later at 5am your time and you arguing with another rsps product about dying on runewild for a mystic set LOL! btw rsps died in 2016 (before you even started pking lol wow) and you random 16 year olds that came out of nowhere.
  4. Blood Hound

    new bideo

  5. Blood Hound

    Meridian Day Out 1/3/2019

  6. Blood Hound

    Meridian Day Out 1/3/2019

    literally we're trolling you we don't know who you are or care but you care about us and wish you had the power we had on this game.
  7. Blood Hound

    Meridian Day Out 1/3/2019

    keytracker never bullied us i & many others quit the game when he started running around in mystic fighting renegades & spartans
  8. Blood Hound

    Meridian Day Out 1/3/2019

    fairwolf1391 come clw 302 portal we gl =_p
  9. Blood Hound

    Meridian Day Out 1/3/2019

    t swift made you quit but ight
  10. Blood Hound

    Meridian Day Out 1/3/2019

    Decided to come back to the game full time.These are some kills we had today. Enjoy s/o too bad rng & a lucky gamer We're currently recruiting DM Taylor#2414 on Discord.
  11. Blood Hound

    RuneScape video

  12. Blood Hound

    RuneScape video

    like/sub for 500k pkp giveaway hosted by @Pyd & Joe Denk