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  1. Umut


    Do we really have to say this again... Don’t bother making Veteran request threads. John is no longer here, and Gretar is the only one with ACP access. There’s no one to hand out Forum ranks at the moment, other than @Gretar of course, but I highly doubt he wants to take care of rank requests, considering how much he already has on his plate on a daily basis. Changing a user’s membergroup doesn’t take much time to do, but you know Gretar. ty @Fantastic
  2. Umut

    Admin Flames Me For No Reason

    U forgot Emps-Scape mate
  3. Umut

    Day in the Life of Hatcx

  4. Umut

    Requiem Af playlist

    Too much mumble rappers
  5. Umut

    Fruitiest for SS Advertisement

    I'll have to go with option 2...
  6. Umut

    Your videos

    My video idc if you don't believe.
  7. Umut

    1M+ PKED

    weird zoom at the end but still great video
  8. Umut

    Signature Graphic piece [LINEUP]

    still got it