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  1. wow man sick preloads , you are skilled pkermen
  2. Lol 50 hours a month? I think i done 50 hours in a week :]
  3. tuki

    Hello everyone

    Lol good reply boss
  4. Hello everyone, My in game names Tuki Carter and T W E A K, ( Real name Ryan) I'm 22 years old and a have a passion for gaming. On my free time Roatpkz is the game to play these days, for me anyway. I've done some things I am not proud of, and am currently banned on the server, but with some talking to Gretar I will serve my time and be back on soon enough. I do have a chill CC if you guys like to pk and just talk really. If you ever need help in game or wanna pk/pvm just hit me up through my cc. (Once I am done serving my time ...)
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