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  1. shit u can help out too with your youtube add me on discord ill explain more
  2. Are you for real? If that’s the case can I host it in roat discord in a voice channel
  3. For some reason he ain’t sound that’s bad Ima go higher when I get more
  4. i will be hosting a 130k pkp rap battle in the up coming week if u feel like u may have a chance then entering your username is all that is needed and to be present during the event time which will be held Saturday an exact time will be given we will decide how many places the freestyle will have and the break down of all winnings slots from pkp to mboxes even free refers codes There’s even talk about a rap god yell tag 🥶 there will be 3 judges so far If the times are even for everyone 🦹dead pigeon chop salad if you want to help out send me messages on discord @junior dro#0198 Trolling of any sorts will not be tolerated no flaming or and form of disrespect will be accepted!!! only in the rap battle will you be able to do what you want
  5. Tbh I’m not mad it’s just I’m not about to do this back and forth with jerk niggas I said what I said and moved on
  6. dear finnessin and persona................ your both poor examples of what a real Man is made of........ get out your feelings and go find a bag
  7. Naw your going to have to teach me sometime my guy
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