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  1. Gas my guy ️️️️ Pfft until you upload a video you lame cuz
  2. Tbh I’m not mad it’s just I’m not about to do this back and forth with jerk niggas I said what I said and moved on
  3. dear finnessin and persona................ your both poor examples of what a real Man is made of........ get out your feelings and go find a bag
  4. Naw your going to have to teach me sometime my guy
  5. Don’t make me body a nigga on the track
  6. HAhahaha you super funny get out yo feelings
  7. Junior dro Man they really do but that’s the home team I been a patriots fan since 2005 tho so you know 🥶🥶🥶
  8. man that's the only way shit supposed to be
  9. sooo!! a few keyboard warriors had pissed me off talking about they big billy bad ass well the lie detector determines that was a lie yall mf wouldn't dare keep that energy face to face
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