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  1. oh i see well if any of you guys are interesting on some graphics follow the form have a good day
  2. what's going on here? i am confused who the hell is graphics? old player?
  3. little something i made the otherday
  4. dam that is some fast switches! good stuff
  5. I'm glad someone is on board with this i think it would be a neat idea! since we already have so many dharoks pkers and as a reward system i am not sure what rewards could be i guess dh sets brings i and maybe an ags at some point haha
  6. I think it would be a neat idea to add to the achievements dharoks kills?
  7. Doing free graphics tell me what you would like only doing [ Signatures, Avatars, Logos, Clan Stuff,] things i will need from you is... text: size: colors: if you are happy with my services feel free to donate some in-game ign: look u died
  8. Think it would be a cool idea to have a rest option on the run.. like to here others opinions
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