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  1. My kdr is 50/1 pking skills are on point so it would be impossible for me to get in shape because due to my diet being trash
  2. It could be whatever haha. POS is also sweet, looks nicer I suppose, but aslong as we have some afk trading methods where we dont have to stand 24/7 to try and sell some shit.
  3. I would like to suggest the Grand Exchange area to be added in, with all of its features added. The most important one being trading items through the G.E. This helps all of us to have just ONE trading spot where we could stand and promote our sales. It also helps for transactions, sales/purchases while you're busy pking or pvming, instead of just standing somewhere spamming the fuck out of yell and hope someone wishes to trade you. Teleport command: ::ge Additional: Since Grand Exchange is a wide area there could be a couple extra things added such as -A trade spot for certain different items -Gambling (flower poker) area -A PvP spot SOUTH of GE where the muddy/grassy floor begins. A fence portal (like them ones in ::riskzone) could be added on the edge of where the PvP area begins, thus to prevent anyone from dragged into combat danger. Another option for GE PvP area is to add a different local area with a different teleport such as ::gepvp. This area could possibly have some extra rewards, such as rare chances to obtain PvP armour/weapons. Dont know what more to add here...
  4. Haha the first 38 seconds in he already spoke the truth. This is legendary
  5. I would like to suggest a self customize-able ground item text pop up interface like Rune-Lite client offers. It could either be set by the value of an item or the rarity. Should also be possible to have Highlighted items shown, or have item hidden in the hidden category. Something along the lines like its being shown in the picture below. This will bring a nice texture to the server as you'll be able to loot items you've pked quicker, or while you're doing slayer sometimes you'll miss keys because they are hard to notice on the floor while you semi-afk. On another note: Items with most pkp value should always be shown on top of lootpile when right clicking. Currently it is quite annoying as free spawnables keep popping up on top of valueable items such as abyssal whip, big piles of runes and such. Click enlarge to see a non-pixelated version of the image.
  6. @Gretar Another tip for you is to release an update thread before you update the game, any update thats performed even if something minor. This way we will know whats up. Wether its a server reboot or actual update with some bug fixes.
  7. This has been patched by the most recent server update This time the rewards are legit broken, whereas I though earlier that daily rewards wernt working but for that one I was wrong. So as the daily rewards are given correctly, the weekly rewards didnt seem to pop up in my bank nor quest tab. Yesterday night the week had been ended and nothing was handed out. Currently the new week stands at 7 days and 15 hours as I create this topic. You can check the logs and notice no player has received their weekly rewards. Hopefully this gets sorted out asap. @Gretar
  8. Buying an infernal cape (bulk vote tickets at once, prefferably 450 tickets) Buying any and all vote tickets 300 each up to 450 tickets total. Contact me through private messages ingame or leave a message on this topic.
  9. Oh heck I guess it was me overseeing it lmao. My bad.
  10. Zulrah is shit pkp/h compared to the effort it takes to kill it. The slayer system is fine right now.
  11. So Yesterday I was Rank 1 for daily kills & bh target kills. I had to logout 1 hour before the "next day" started. Now im confused on how those payouts actually work because I havent received anything yet...
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