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  1. 1. Should hire more staff, time zone specific as needed.

    2. Delegate simple stuff like accepting/declining yell tag requests to SS.

    3. All staff need to be in help cc more often.

    4. Staff need to answer questions on yell when they are asked so new players can better understand the game.

    5. Need to enforce rules better. I see the same idiots spam yell persistently w/o any actions taken.

    6. If someone is blatantly scamming like "selling 500 votes (fake pkp) for xxx" for hours or obvious luring. Their ass should be muted immediately instead of just waiting for ppl to get scammed. 

    7. Staff should not be flaming people or getting troll baited. When you are in a position of power you should keep it professional when possible. 

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  2. This topic has been addressed numerous times before and I understand your frustration. However, single+ is dead content in OSRS. They only implemented it b/c of massive network of RWT. Dzone is a very popular hotspot for multi clans to clash and your proposal would eliminate it entirely. 

    Also, some other flaws in your schematic of a revised Dzone Cave:

    #1 It would be almost impossible to die in the cave in single+ since people could easily tank it. They can save space by using looting bag and Revs are none agro w bracelet so they wouldn't use any food. 

    #2 Revenants are the best PVM money making in the game so reasonably speaking there should be risks associated with it, see #1. 

    #3 Although donations are important to keep a server running smoothly, there are far more important aspects to consider which include a balanced economy, pvp framework, and ensuring proper machinations are put in place. You're implying that PVM is the only benefit of donation, which is not true, if you go on the donation page you can view numerous other benefits associated with specific donation tier. Personally, as a pker I do not care about PVM perks at all, I like the extra preset slots, boosted keys rate, ::spec, ::hp etc. 

    #4 You stated: "Secondly i would like to bring attention to the fact that the higher tier of donator rank you are, the more disadvantaged you are in the dungeon because you have to tank much longer distances." - One can also argue that having access to a restricted zone will prevent people with lower tier donator rank from attacking you. Also, there are more NPCs in Legendary compared to other zones. 

    In short, your proposal would turn the cave into 1) a semi-afk pvm area where people can't be killed 2) remove a multi-pvp hotspot 3) encourage mass PVM behavior on a PVP oriented server (THIS IS DETRIMENTAL FOR A PVP SERVER). 

  3. 11 hours ago, PK Guy said:

    Great guide, really helped me. Just did my first hot & cold clue, my tip is to use stamina pot and purple sweets (stackable healing) for the running around and damage you take from the strange device, which I was constantly clicking on lol.

    Mine ended up being in the resource area. Maybe we can make a list of the 'hot' spots, unless it randomises and can be literally anywhere each time. IDK

    Updated the guide FAQ/TIPs: Stamina Pots + Purple Sweets for Hot/Cold clues and credited you. 

    Based on my experience and what others have reported to me, there are a lot of locations for H/C clues. Generally for higher tier clues (Elite + Master) they tend to be deep wilderness. Locations vary and can be anywhere including Agility Course, Resource, Annakarl, etc no specific hot spots. I usually start at mb/44s then teleport to eastern locations e.g. annakarl/chins. I consider it somewhat of a mini-game. 

  4. Suggestion: Messages in "help" cc will appear for ppl with SS rank and above while they are in another cc. They can right click on those messages (will be in different color) and reply. This way staff can be in a different clan chat while helping out noobs in the help cc.  Basically a dual chat integration. @Gretar

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  5. 4 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

    @Fantastic @Gretar

    Could you add a command in game to link to this thread? ::clueguide or something 



    This one is at bandit camp 4 tiles north of the door

    Updated and given u credit. Thanks. 


    If any staff want to help update this topic feel free to edit.

    If any players want to add something to the list, feel free to comment below.

    This is an ongoing community project. 

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