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  1. https://gyazo.com/d36d2f54b10fa93f9e9a7f5550316c20 killed deathwish for max pm cripwalkin in-game for your stuff back
  2. The new pid system is bad. If you have pid your bolt is instant even before the bolt shoots from the crossbow. barrage is instant. Pking is literally trash for nhing unless you have pid to help you win
  3. N95


    everyone who commented camps vls
  4. Make VLS , JAVS , AXES NOT USEABLE above 10 wild. Literally op item that hits constant 50s also vls you could literally hit 70s+ in mystics and 4x specs.
  5. Neeks were robbed of first place? Little #1 video looked like a regular pk video with no effort?
  6. Literally boosting bloodlust on video? going to ban them or naw? "swab sem"
  7. Literally there is no content now with rev singles now. You took away the ONLY multi action in the game that doesn't require a event for it to be active aka hp event. If you're decent at the game it's literally impossible to die there while pvming camp 12 brews hit short cut and you're good. If you're going to keep revs single for good you need to add a update that has multi clanning active then.
  8. N95


    Or add slayer monsters in single areas lmao. The fact that you go on place in multi and just get camped is aids.
  9. N95


    Thanks for the support @JBLIND @zite
  10. N95


    Hello gretar.... Why don't you add more slayer spots? Literally the skill is camped by clans and you can't even touch the wild without being pked by a team. You can even add spots outside the wild for less xp it doesn't matter but the game is becoming too crowed . 600 players and 6 slayer spots with 4 monsters heavily packed by ppl or a team. Do something k thx bye
  11. N95


    Is it possible to add more bloodvelds or add another spot for slayer? The server has over 500+ players on actively and slayer is getting very jam packed
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