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  1. Dunno if its just me, but every clip in here is when you outnumber them atleast 2:1 ratio, wouldn't say that means your good. lmao.
  2. Well im a straight A student and I just got a D in math idk what to do because I study and try my hardest welp fuck im probably gonna get grounded gg.
  3. Sorry to hear this buddy, I hope you can recover and feel better!
  4. We are legion, We never lose. Requirements: 1k Kills 1.5 KDR Or proven skill You must be known and respected. Info: We do not tolerate flaming or bullying of any kind. We do not tolerate scammers/glitchers or just plain out cheaters. We do not tolerate begging of any kind. (Asking for items MULTIPLE times) We are a new and developing clan. Current Members: (Updated constantly) Leader- Ahmash, The Champion Admin- None Members-None Recruitment Process: Age KDR Kills CC "Legioncc" Message me to join. P.S This clan was literally made a second before this post.
  5. This Guide will tell you how to get rich and how to start off as a new player to roat pkz! First off when you join you want to get a feel for the server and how to pk well on it so I suggest you pick a kit you like and go pking on a main or pure. After that whichever you prefer you want to pk at (TBH i prefer pure pk because its quicker kills) I suggest you get around 500 pkps and buy partyhats and santas for cheap and then sell them to people for more (Phats are going for 200 atm and santas 100) After that you can get around a few thousand pkps and your set to pk and buy whatever you want, but if you want to actually make bank your going to have to risk fight or stake. Generally its better to risk fight statius and pkp items because you can just sell them back to the shop for pkps and it makes it a whole lot easier. So just have a donator yell for you that your risk fighting and go ahead and risk fight! If you want to stake I suggest you start off with 1k pkp and do 100s and everytime you lose double up and everytime you win do half of what you did. When you stake make sure you use stab for the dds and when you whip use lash and switch it up every so often to get more hits. This is a guide to becoming rich just follow these steps to become as rich as you want, there is always a risk though, so if you get cleaned a couple times try it again and try to get lucky and once your satisfied stop!
  6. We should honestly have a reset for the server and alot of changes with the economy because we all love the new items and the Pk point tickets and everything about the server but, We need some way to make the economy not break. I propose that we have preset prices for each item like a official price guide that gretar makes to make sure the economy does not break. Also we should make a way to obtain pk points more easily so they are not worth so much. Hope you listen
  7. Goodluck man I remember when i went for 2k. Ever since then I have not played enough to get more then 5k.
  8. Okay before you read any of this you better start this youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cPV1pyf_l4 Yes as you see the title I am back. I am not back to start flaming wars or anything like I use to, rather I am back to become the 1# and best staker and to clean all of you. I am coming for you bride chucky and you can't hide or run because your bank is mine. Also yoobs CMON MAN I AM A VETERAN THE RANK PLEASE? lol well I'll see you all ingame and pce.
  9. All of you guys just need to stop ranting and getting pissed off at eachother because you think the other one is wrong because that is what is making the community shit and if you guys would just be nice for a change maybe people will be nice back.
  10. Lol this was mean't as a joke not as anything racial or anything like that.
  11. Yo, You really don't know what PID is. Like this RSPS many other RSPS's do not have a pid system. The PID system is used in runescape. In this server you always get the same timed hit at the beginning of fights so therefore pid is not a factor.
  12. I am running away from roat pkz and I never want to see any of you again please help!!!!!!!! http://prntscr.com/9mzvlc
  13. Im hoping to get 10k kills by 2016 Im currently at 3k! It is practically impossible but the impossible can become the possible!
  14. I have comeback from retirement. I hope to see everyone online and hopefully alot of my old friends still play!
  15. I think the Dragon claws could use a buff because for one reason the Dragon Claws are never used by players because they don't produce enough damage to be lethal. I think a little bit of a spec buff could change the outcome of people using them. Dragon Claws are a waste of pkp because they are useless,They should be useful enough to be bought but they are'nt. They need a buff. They are'nt strong enough. For example every spec is like 6 4 3 1 or something really bad that can't kill anyone or anything.
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