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  1. mrss king is the best ss we hav by a mile and doesnt mute ppl for no reason, players kno wen they are breaking the rules and dont need to be told so instead u shud consider the temp mute as a warning itself
  2. its no coincidence both kangaroos jump back on forums same day, i knew it this was ur alt all along harley and no one believed me
  3. wb looty i missd u and even had my pass as vanessa so i thunk of u always
  4. wb harley glad ur still around
  5. yes adam nice kills u sexy
  6. yh sure but not if u recently refilled ur spec since thers a cooldown period for the box of health
  7. support and also loading a kit shud restore ur run energy like it does with hp and pray whilst curing venom and poison, could make it reset veng timer aswell since thats annoying to wait for good idea cos a lot of players ask wer to refill spec or use pvp keys so ::spec and ::chest wud be useful commands
  8. i agree with all of this
  9. risk def should be disabled when a player has the key, just like it is when your skilling or pvming so pkers can attack you even when they have no risk also you cant attack players when you have the key so boxing wont work but even then its almost impossible to kill a guy in singles if hes in max def sure it can be coded so spiders and lessers near the kbd entrance are not aggressive and the player carrying the key cant attack npcs either, but would it not be better if you cant go down the ladder near kbd when you have the key? also the same should apply with pirates hideout and axe hut no support on your ideas but we can remove the warning when trying to pick up a key and instead have a right click "info" option on the key which tells you that picking it up will auto tb and skull you, also if your already tbed and you pickup the key then timer should refresh to 6 mins
  10. @Gied4life gz mate welcome to the staff team @Sandal u will be missed brother, feel free to pm me for h00k
  11. wb dave its been a long time mate im still active on roatz so ill cya ingame
  12. no it wud be too easy since skilling is already 600k+ an hour in safe zones and 1m+ in wildy
  13. Ahmash

    Rep Time :D

    @Adam rember wen i took omars 1m and u lot tried ragging me in edge random 57 vls whack epic 4 way switch, no gmaul needed +389 dmg, ss rng ftw @Hatcx dropped pyd too with a similar hit the next fight u rember dat 1 @sophia noob safer l2 pk 86 gmaul on dh @Sandal get rekt sand boy @sophia 76 bolt hit cuuuu 79 dcb spec, also done a 83-26 dcb-axe rush but didint get the kill 49 with fire surge ss spec max hit is 48-48 btw @repent king lee @Yoobs @Grindersquad @seers10 danger man in his prime knocked u, jake and kevin out in the same tourny @Kevin miss u a7e @Daul Penino sit
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