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  1. @PK Guy is workin on a new script that will evade detection pm him if u wana buy it
  2. yes bro iceberg back at it with the vids, VLS is wer its at fkn op af this is the content roatz has missed @Gretar give the man yt rank and refer codes
  3. thats in the slayer shop but its dead content on roatz, it can hit 60s with fire surge tho
  4. jelous cos u never hits that hard
  5. yes in edge its worse because these rushers are constantly trying to pj and sometimes you cant even finish a fight, i suggest increasing the pj timer in edge (up to lvl 5 wild) to twice the length it is now as for spec tabbing in edge the only solution i think is making it so you cant use spec until 3 seconds of being in combat which is 1 hit with whip you would be pjed/rushed before you can get their username and what if they use more than 1 acc, also blacklist needs to be more known to new players since they are the ones who are affected the most
  6. Ahmash

    150k PKP Giveaway

    wow u got scam by ss? #demoteV2
  7. nice edits and yh fun times they were thats what rsps is all about for me
  8. support and the same should be done for advertising clans once every 3 mins
  9. we have supplies in shops for skilling points so there's no need for those items to be dropped by monsters, players who want supplies can buy skilling points from other players it makes more sense for monsters to just drop PKP instead which is what the skilling items would become anyway
  10. nice kills man this topic has inspired me to try this brid stuff some more mate u rember wen i fighted u in dh
  11. statius warhammer, vesta spear, zuriels staff all should have been released with the rest of the PvP items from revs 2 years ago, we have them in LMS already why not add them to revs at the same drop rate? VLS will still be the best wep because it only uses 25% spec but its fun to have more variety and since SWH has +123 crush bonus you can get to 200+ with the inquisitor set, also it shares the DWH spec so it will be useful at corp too
  12. 1. support 2. no i think its best to keep the same map so new players or people who don't often play are still familiar with it 3. support 4. support, maybe half the timer to 2 minutes for the casual games but keep the rest to 4 minutes so it gives people enough time to finish whatever they're doing and join the game 5. support what about people who do it on shared accs or give the accs away after doing it?
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