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  1. Ahmash

    Miss me boys

    wb bro how u been
  2. Ahmash


    support on increasing pj timer below lvl 5 wildy and even at risk zone
  3. ez we gona get 20m more from him
  4. depends who the person doing the scam is, isnt that right @Fantastic
  5. a nice simple vid that shows more than just the kills, this is content i can relate to i enjoyed the vid and subbed i pk in a premade kit myself sometimes cos of the challenge of getting a kill with it, its all about timing tho like at 2:00 u cud of safed to around 70-75 then done veng + dds spec whilst taking ur body and legs off so his axe hits high on ur veng
  6. the charges do stack so if ur extreme donator and u hav both the sara and zammy capes thats 20 charges, also u can keep scouts at each demon location to find them faster and can spend 30 mins collecting 5 of each item and force bank them by loading a kit
  7. gz man and its a good feeling knowing once u got ur license u can drive however the fk u want and dont need to worry i did 10 tests b4 i finally passed and went thru 4 diff instructors cos i was that reckless, even had to do theory again it expired
  8. im sure comp cape will eventually be added along with skilling
  9. lol that clip of jalon raging at end and crying for off wud of been funnier if he got muted aswel
  10. brilliant idea it wud be like a korasi and ags combined
  11. Ahmash

    Item Guide

    gj bro very detailed guide and good layout too @Sandal ?can translate into arabic for all our
  12. yh i support adding a 4th black demon in rev caves so 2 ppl can do a task efficiently with a bp cos u kill a demon just as the other spawns i hav black demon task extended and always go demonics instead since they count as black demon kills and the boost from slay helm helps speed kills up, the xp per hour is less but if ur on vote bonus with extreme rank then it can be more money
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