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  1. i agree he shud be banned cos hes been doin it for months and has already been put on cooldowns and given temp bans but will never change, far too many players hav complained about him and not everyone knows blacklist exists especially new players sometimes thers 3 or 4 ppl rushing at edge and pjing fights so the pj timer needs to be increased in edgeville like it is at ::edgepvp which is around 10 seconds, that way u cant get attacked immediately after u got a kill while ur hp is low
  2. nah diamond bolts are decent and can still do 50s, i got over 30 kills with range only without using mage or whip even once in any of the fights heavy ballista is more op than morri javs tho and its more common i see it almost every other game wat we cud do is remove pvp items from competitive and high stakes but leave casual the same for the noobs who have never used a vls outside of lms
  3. i think its fine how it is cos ive played like 40 games of lms and only gotten a vls twice and both times from killing someone never the chest, while vls is useful for normal hits the spec isnt very accurate morri javs and throw axes are not very good cos of their low max hit vls and swh are pretty much same thing, shud remain ingame and if anything id rather see them harder to obtain than removed or nerfed
  4. nah its better to keep it exclusively in lms shop but the untradeable part is a good suggestion cos atm it will be tradeable which makes it dead content as serp helm is still bis
  5. the helm will be added in the lms shop for 50 pts which is worth 5k pkp
  6. he looks like u, maybe ur related?
  7. mrss king is the best ss we hav by a mile and doesnt mute ppl for no reason, players kno wen they are breaking the rules and dont need to be told so instead u shud consider the temp mute as a warning itself
  8. its no coincidence both kangaroos jump back on forums same day, i knew it this was ur alt all along harley and no one believed me
  9. wb looty i missd u and even had my pass as vanessa so i thunk of u always
  10. wb harley glad ur still around
  11. yes adam nice kills u sexy
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