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  1. Test in 3 weeks can’t go on atm
  2. Respekt to my brodar dom and Alex
  3. Hey buddy glad you still remember me LuL
  4. LMFAO maybe I will ask persona to snitch on you and maybe he will send LOL You still didn’t respond about me sending the report back and evaluating it when I’m I gonna see your reply
  5. It’s not about who’s rot rules and who’s not, it’s about Jblind abusing his powers as an admin Chill homie
  6. So him saying why did you log out isn’t proof lmao are you blind or clueless as fuck
  7. Lmfao look at Jblind spreading rumors that I am rot rules and everyone in the game believes it because he’s an admin I cbfa with his staff abusing shit @Gretar actually do something about it because it’s getting way outa ends rn
  8. Lmfao anyone would rather rag than be a dumb brain dead monkey who either prays on spec during a hybrid fight or just spec teles braindead insecured little girl Name of the Rule Breaker: stardawg or ""freezedrs"" Rule Broken:Rule #2: Use of Cheat Clients or 3rd Party Software In-game or Forums: proffeser19 Date:started last sunday and still continuing to this moment Proof: this is proof that he is freezedrs in game: https://gyazo.com/c73dd1a2810a609ce6a31765725030ba private:none @JBLIND evaluate it right now let the whole server evaluate it lmao you stupid dog as if “give me 50k or I’m hitting you off for a week”isn’t enough evidenceLOL you’re a fucking meme. one more thing,how come when your account is involved you’re just gonna take the account back but when sly changed his password and everything you still banned him you pathetic cunt
  9. Fam shut the fuck up i sent you solid evidence on that cunt who ddosed me constantly and you didn’t do shit nor did anyone in the staff team stop sucking Jblinds dick for fuck sake #freezeke you brown cocksucking apes
  10. How come when I sent you the guy who was ddosing me with enough evidence you never banned him or did anything just declined and ignored me like you always do..? Sorry zeke you do know we are doing this for you
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