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  1. What's up with getting muted for saying the n word once on yell? These 2 delusional white hillbillies get emotional over saying the n word on yell and mute me atleast once or twice a day. The problem is when their friends say it its fine but when I say it I get muted? Cringe af
  2. One of the most chill players I've ever encountered during my time on any server, definitely one of the most I've enjoyed spending my time with. Hope I see you soon xoxo
  3. @Gretar I think he knows what he's doing
  4. I dont think child molester Tyler would like to fight you
  5. Shut up your mouse mean persona
  6. @khaledwhat's ur dpi and sense? And nice video brozzer
  7. Are you shaking because you can't play ratpkz for 20 hours? U addicted coon lol its not that deep fam grow up u autistic maggots Didnt ask
  8. Why are people weird lmfao SHUT THE FUCK UP you vermins be grateful the man is trying his best to get the server back on its feet u weirdos
  9. Gj a5e any reason of why the fire was initiated
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