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  1. my man out here feasting on everyone nice video bro
  2. CLEARED EASY FOR #SLAVE L0C these randoms can't outlast for shit #king dom server niggers
  3. How is he attention seeking when you are the one quoting him you irrelevant dumb dog,I wasn’t being sarcastic he would legit slap you easily
  4. Fam he’s a retired brid he hasn’t bridded since 2012 and he would legit beat you to death in brid fight pipe down nigga. bridding him would be like fighting the hulk you won’t do shit and you’re gonna get raped by his 5 way 1 ticks easy
  5. Is it me or do you merge with ccs literally every day and make a new cc.
  6. You’ve killed me 2 times in brid I killed you more than 4 times and everytime after that you either avoid or wear a dfs like a retard and you wish you had killed me once in max nh lmfaoooo retarded reject pipe down, oh and Before you say I beated you for ballista at duel, you literally had 15 brews and when I asked to show inventory you was scared like a little bitch and after I nearly killed you twice you brought a divine in a nh stake Lmfao you dumb rat pipe the fuck down
  7. Shut the fuck up you random Roatpkz divine camper spec taber dfs hybrid dumbass monkey irrelevant piece of shit I’d talk shit but you blocked me on discord LOL. stop acting like you’re relevant
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