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  1. Should have just promoted King arturia to mod
  2. Why are you mad? Did you not take your pills? Hes exposing corrupt server supports,since you are replying like a dumb coon it means hes got a point that's facts.
  3. What's this guy on man, he genuinely reads every post and quotes you all the time fanboys smh,he must be the corniest white dude ever no cap. Must feel bad man, couldn't give less fucks about any Rsps beefs period
  4. Ignore him hes irrelevant fanboy has his head all the way up his ass he can't read anymore irrelevant piece of crap period.
  5. https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-seinfeld-elaine-benes-iW8tsoJWcfPc4
  6. Zeke my mandem always entertaining watching your kill pics with those disgustingly high hits haha stay safe brother
  7. my man out here feasting on everyone nice video bro
  8. CLEARED EASY FOR #SLAVE L0C these randoms can't outlast for shit #king dom server niggers
  9. How is he attention seeking when you are the one quoting him you irrelevant dumb dog,I wasn’t being sarcastic he would legit slap you easily
  10. Fam he’s a retired brid he hasn’t bridded since 2012 and he would legit beat you to death in brid fight pipe down nigga. bridding him would be like fighting the hulk you won’t do shit and you’re gonna get raped by his 5 way 1 ticks easy
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