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  1. The same could happen even without respawning. Players could easily coordinate a possible meeting point to just run and die. You could easily combat this by also requiring everyone to join a specific cc, so kill logs are monitored. Obviously if Scrub832 kills xxNukeBoy420 4 times in a row, it's pretty clear there's something shady going on there. Just an idea. Solution: Disable multi-zones. This would just become clan wars at that point with people in groups camping multi-zones. Go play your Fortnite/PUBG.
  2. A game mode like this really forces participants to use ancient/normal spellbooks for magic, specifically. Keep in mind that this would make it heavily hybrid/tribrid-dependent. Based on your initial idea, dying once would then disqualify you from the tournament, correct? This would create a large disinterest in participating from those preferring melee over hybrid. If you want a game mode like this to be fun for all of your players, I would recommend the following tweaks: Enable the ability to respawn (in a random location) and continue fighting. This would make it a true FFA mode, where you can keep fighting as many opponents as possible under a specified time limit. There would be an actual competition of players fighting for the most kills, rather than who's able to stay alive the longest. With the previous in mind, the gear you choose to start with would be your permanent gear throughout the duration of the tournament (meaning you would respawn with the same setup & inventory after each death). You can, however, loot gear from others players and use it if necessary. Disable the use of any PKP items. This would give everyone an equal opportunity at winning. Newplayer473 shouldn't feel discouraged because they don't have decent gear. Disable overhead protection prayers. These honestly just prolong fights, meaning less time for you to get kills. If NHer398 is busy fighting someone for 5 minutes with constant overheads and prayer switches, he's wasting time while Propker1337 is killing people in 90 second fights. Require at least two out of the three combat types to participate. This meaning you must have some combination of melee/ranged, mage/melee, or mage/ranged weaponry (something as simple as having a rune crossbow w/bolts in addition to their magic/melee weapon). This would shutdown anyone trying to farcast as protection prayers are disabled and their opponent is guaranteed to have either magic or ranged. These are suggestions from a non-biased perspective.
  3. Name of the Rule Breaker: Gretar Rule Broken: #5b Item Scamming In-game or Forums: In-Game Date: Today Proof: See screenshot below Gretar y u scammer me? Pls make sure he get banned!
  4. The video just bothered me because that part didn't make any sense. Also Anderson Paak is like, old af.
  5. I wasn't joking when I said I kill people in shit gear for bank haha
  6. Should have made it follow the bass and I would have gave you a +1 but that might have been too creative for you
  7. I make videos when I feel like it, not for some contest. Only prize I want is views, could care less about the pkp lol.
  8. Heat attacked me and died in under 5 seconds. Venge too strong. @Heat Ily
  9. @WAHEY I still need an explanation for why tf you were making the video pulse and then stop at 0:48 seconds. Resumes at 1:48 seconds for another 3 seconds, stopping at 1:51 seconds. Tf is that shit? Only part of your video that makes no sense as far as editing goes (also the shitty music but I can let it slide this time dw).
  10. Unfortunately DH pking itself isn't widely popular. People who are looking for better pk servers usually leave the server they're on due to switching issues or a low deep-widly (aka brid) population.
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