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  1. HYPE HYPE HYPE! Can't wait to grind the singles variant of the bosses.
  2. First of all great job Gretar and everyone that were beta testing the recent update. Whoever has been doing in game announcements for the past few weeks is doing a good job. You always know when some sort of event is going on (extra prizes for tourny winners etc etc). It is nice that more and more staff members have been active on discord outside tickets. Fun time - How is he still not mod. Most hours active in game, always free to help.
  3. This month I can't say anything good or bad about any staff member. But one thing I personally want to see a change in is how they interact with community. I spend 99% of the time in HELP cc and I rarely see active staff members in there. Most of them are just afk or something. And whenever new, returning or daily players ask for help or questions it's other players answering and helping them. (Fun Time is the most active staff in there that I see online in my timezone.) Staff members are just sitting in multi CCs or doing whatever staff members are doing. I can't blame them for wanting to farm revs or PK but when they are not in wildy they could spend that time in help cc.
  4. Senior Admin(s) SMACKD Always on top of his game. Dealing with discord, events, tournaments. Administrator(s) Rag Bot V1 Everyone likes him. Makes yell go nuts. Community Manager(s) Valence Great guy. Only thing he could improve in is communication. Like say if your busy or afk for a long time. Senior Moderator(s) Fruitiest N/A Goat N/A Baz Goated. Finds time to deal with his staff things and leads a team. Moderator(s) No Name Set Good guy. Was at corp when 2x pvm drops were on and stole all the kills. I call hacks. Senior Support(s) Chui N/A Fun Time One of the most active staff members I know. Whenever I'm in help cc he is in there helping people. Ex0tic N/A Server Support(s) Niddy - Not enough play time to say anything. Sinister - Could be more friendly especially in discord. Pipes up way too much. Seen him being rude to people even when they weren't rude. Missslayer - Deals with Spanish speaking players so that helps other staff members a lot. Other staff members are from other time zones than me or I just don't see them in game much.
  5. I like the idea, but as of right now Roat pkz is not ready to add ironman mode. Reason is simple. There is not enough pvm content. You suggest that iron man could get their own pvp loot system, but the fact is that a lot of good npcs for gear upgrades are in multi areas so that kills the idea of hardcore ironman. Also there arent that many end goals for ironman. Only achievable ones are: Tbow, ely, nex. Can't get scythe or tumekens shadow, because they are locked behind donator point shop or mystery box (scythe).
  6. Owner Gretar - Dude is a goat. Many great updates and I hope to see more in the future. Senior Admin(s) SMACKD - Hosts great tournaments, and all around active guy. Server Support(s) No Name Set - I see him online most of the time. Kind and respectful towards others. King Arturia - Whenever he is online I know he will reply. Niddy - One of the few staff members that talk in discord general. Great to see staff members interacting with people on discord. Fun Time - Only staff member I personally PM and talk to. Always helps and gives good advice. Interacts with community on a daily base and whenever I see him in game he is talking to players. Ex0tic - Goes his job, seen him few times nothing bad to say about him. Sinister - One of the few staff members that talk in discord general. Great to see staff members interacting with people on discord. Anyone thats missing from this list I have had 0 interactions with or I don't have enough information to say about them since the last staff feedback, but I'm sure they are doing a great job.
  7. SMACKD - Playtime: 4 Hours (+22 AFK) - shows up at edge as a big ass random npc Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 5 Hours (+61 Hours AFK) - when this guy logs in yell is lit fam. Baz - Playtime: 111 Hours (+56 Hours AFK) - helpful and respects all players. Fun Time - Playtime: 219 Hours (+65 Hours AFK) - highest hours this month, always hosting 100k lms game once per day, always replys to my stupid questions and promote the guy.
  8. Fruitiest - Playtime: 137 Hours (+56 Hours AFK) - Chill and helpful. Baz - Playtime: 144 Hours (+70 Hours AFK) - Very professional with his staff work. No Name Set - Playtime: 126 Hours (+159 Hours AFK) - Killed me with 70 something dh axe while being around 60 hp. I call hacks. Fun Time - Playtime: 211 Hours (+74 Hours AFK) - Dude somehow always finds time to help. Dude is always chill even when 10+ rats spam auto chat and spam yell chat trying to get a reaction from him.
  9. Can't wait for this update to drop. Will be seeing some nice wars happening over the boss!
  10. Feedback on staff members that I personally have been in contact with in the past 30 days. Baz - Chill, always helping/pming back whenever I have had questions. King Arturia - Even with his low hours in game he always finds time to give advise or answers in discord. Fun Time - Man is a legend. Always online, always finds time to help everyone, super chill and great person to talk with. 211 Hours in 30 days + 90 hours afk. Those numbers speak more than words. What comes to other staff members I'm sure they are doing a great job and putting in as much time as they can. Congrats to Ex0tic on support rank.
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