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  1. Khalil


    Damn what a sick vid U have really improved if we compare this to a year ago keep it coming bro best consistent YT'er out there Chill song too
  2. Khalil

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    The player that kills the key holder has 10 seconds to pick it up, after that it becomes visible for everyone. Good point, I thought the same at first(that it would appear to everyone) All very good suggestions, run energy should drain faster indeed, you should make something to fight mage boxing- however its only a problem if both the key holder and the guy mage boxing both have riskdefence and 90% is unable to attack them, if there are other riskers they can just pj him off/attack the keyholder What do u guys think of needing a certain risk to pick up the key? Think it would be better but attract less players, and the chaos and many players fighting is what makes it fun.
  3. Introducing the wilderness key events was a great @Gretar will bring a lot of deep wild activity Comment ur in-game name on this topic and make a chance to receive the wilderness key it's reward (YOU DONT HAVE TO COMMENT/SUB ON YOUTUBE)
  4. Khalil

    Yesterday & today

    King Chris carrying
  5. Khalil

    l0l mac banned

    It's pretty funny how your attitude instantly changes as soon as youre punished, don't talk about being a chill innocent guy when all you've done is be toxic on this server. Nonetheless the tournament was around 2 weeks ago and I've let it go but all you've done since then when talking to me ingame is saying things like : ''dont dc, thx for 70m osrs, static fuck'' etc There's enough proof that you're trying to take credit for the ddos(which it certainly was, the pic you posted is from a longer video), which, even if you didn't do it yourself, theres a big chance your friends or yourself did it, even so, taking credit for the ddos is just as bad. You think you can beat your way around the bush and this is some court of law, and you can say what you want, might just be words in your thoughts, but this is not how this works on RoatPkz, we take stuff like this very serious. https://gyazo.com/27ef15c35c990dd1da08fc9f4ec9202d @Gretar @Tupac
  6. Khalil

    lowy's here

    Welcome mate
  7. Khalil

    Fix Edgepvp

    Disable overheads and move it from edgepvp to KBD cave (jk) Support with disabling those shields & pvp armor Maybe something to try out at ::pvp zones? @Gretar
  8. Khalil

    1M+ PKED

    Good video as usual bro
  9. Khalil

    Staff Feedback - September 2018

    Sorry for the low activity guys- been on vacation for more than half of this month, and busy with important things the rest of the month- will be better the upcoming months Feedback: All staff is doing great as usual
  10. Nice update brother
  11. Khalil

    whats every1s favorite roatpkz pet?

    Mine is @sophia
  12. Khalil

    Dd’ing in Tournaments

    U cant do shit weird virgin get some sunlight OT: mith seeds are a good idea, current dd-ing is aids tbh since it will freeze u both in the same tile if ur both somewhat decent and know what 2 do
  13. Khalil

    Gambling Fire Max Capes

    Good suggestion, I dont see anything wrong w this. Droprate should be pretty high though- since everyone that ever killed Jad has a fire max cape, but the people that have loads of jad kills and dont have a pet should be able to get it through this!
  14. Khalil

    Eid al Adha mubarak

    Happy eid 2 all my brothers on roat pkz hope u have a nice day and enjoy the time with family & friends lots of negativity on the forums but none in here please
  15. Khalil


    Nice bro ignore the haters