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  1. I disagree with your suggestion- we should just keep it as it is. I dont like the idea of custom items that arent cosmetics.
  2. yeah, higher damage for range + mage
  3. Whoa this is an sick guide + commentary. Will help a lot of players getting into killing the Kraken. Keep it up!
  4. Congrats my bro @pm2getbodied Rest killing it as well
  5. Amazing guide now I can finally make a cool fashion skilling kit
  6. Was a joke to spice up his stream- the other Khalil knows im fucking w him and did not mind at all- I dont see why you do
  7. Khalil

    Zulrah Guide in Depth

    Nice guide brother gonna be grinding to get the pet tonight
  8. 1ST gang shit good updates big bro 1.5B clan cup sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh
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