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  1. Khalil

    Slayer Guide 2021

    Good job my man
  2. There is only a cooldown on ::bank not on the banks themselves. This is too prevent making the ::bank command too op while skilling(can just stand in one spot, set a macro on ::bank and bank all + continue) Same thing goes for pre-sets since they would bank your inventory loading a pre-set(with an axe equipped for instance) and you can immediately continue woodcutting
  3. good video bro, fixed link for u
  4. I disagree with your suggestion- we should just keep it as it is. I dont like the idea of custom items that arent cosmetics.
  5. yeah, higher damage for range + mage
  6. Whoa this is an sick guide + commentary. Will help a lot of players getting into killing the Kraken. Keep it up!
  7. Congrats my bro @pm2getbodied Rest killing it as well
  8. Amazing guide now I can finally make a cool fashion skilling kit
  9. Was a joke to spice up his stream- the other Khalil knows im fucking w him and did not mind at all- I dont see why you do
  10. Khalil

    Zulrah Guide in Depth

    Nice guide brother gonna be grinding to get the pet tonight
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