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  1. Khalil

    Roat Pkz Promotions - 19. February 2019

    Good luck to all the SS, sure have staff on at all times now. Thanks everyone for the kind words!
  2. Khalil

    How much can you make in a week from 0?

    Sounds very interesting, good luck! Keep us up to date
  3. Khalil

    It's ya b0y

    3rd best staff pker
  4. Khalil

    Atlaanta NOT ADAM

    Something adamzor would say
  5. Khalil

    10/02/19 update summary

    This is amazing, totally up to date now, please do this every update
  6. Tip for next time: Dont panic(pressing commune half of the time) & put ur staff and imbued cape on(might of survived if you did) Looks like you got lever stalled ^
  7. Khalil

    refunt destroyed

    career* OT: Nice vid
  8. Khalil

    Wildy Looting Bag

    @PK Guy @Fruitiest thanks for the answers bros I think it's shouldnt be a problem adding it then, just make it lose on death, or a lot more expensive, 500-1000 bhp seems to cheap for an item like that(which will make you tons at revs/wildy bosses)
  9. Khalil

    Easy duo+/solo corp guide

    Good guide bro, should add some of the tips mentioned above. Roat corp trip Sunday? @sophia @Smackd
  10. Khalil

    Wildy Looting Bag

    I remember @Gretar purposely didnt add wildy looting bag with the addition of slayer because he thought it would be too overpowered with all the drops. If you think about it, it is- on roat you're slaying with max stats, best gear, easy unlimited teleports and the best food is FREE! Even if its added I think there would need to be some restrictions or shit in wilderness should get nerfed a bit, any1 with 99 slayer have some thoughts on this? @PK Guy @Fruitiest
  11. Good video as always love the energy & sick combos
  12. Khalil

    GWD Cave fix?

    +1 Fix the gwd cave
  13. Khalil


    Whoa you're sick bro, 1 of the best out there