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  1. DAMN Faze-Jblind at it
  2. Hello players of RoatPkz, We are back up after some downtime. Our old servers literally burned down which caused the downtime. The servers were located in Strasbourg, France. Picture of the fire down below- After some downtime our team worked all day to get them back up today without losing any server data. Our new servers are located in London(United Kingdom). Our new servers are much more powerful and have less latency. Massive shoutout to @Gretar who basically did all the work himself getting the servers up again. Thanks everyone for being patient. For your inconvience we added double xp, double pvm drops and 2x votes for the next 24hrs. Also the staff team will be hosting extra events for everyone! Join us on discord and happy gaming https://discord.com/invite/UdCYFWJ
  3. All 3 are available, when the server is back up again pm me on discord. Khalil#0862(or any other moderator or higher)
  4. Good job my man
  5. There is only a cooldown on ::bank not on the banks themselves. This is too prevent making the ::bank command too op while skilling(can just stand in one spot, set a macro on ::bank and bank all + continue) Same thing goes for pre-sets since they would bank your inventory loading a pre-set(with an axe equipped for instance) and you can immediately continue woodcutting
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