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  1. @Smackd legend of the game carrying, does so much work outside of playtime ingame as well while being a beast irl too, no idea how u manage it rest doing great too, keep it up everyone
  2. Good suggestion, support! Should still be at the regular FP zone though.
  3. Low hrs this month due to going on vacation, gonna be better this month To all the other staff; keep up the good work brothers!!!
  4. https://gyazo.com/18fd7d99454b28abcee1afd66ae301af
  5. Khalil


    big guy on roatpkz, u know what u did and the impact u had even tho u had 100 hrs last yr no1 cares we all know ur the goat, our staff members eventually grow out of the game and u were the first one to do so, wish u all the best, all the trolls and flames we had(jblind useless) were for the best. inshallah u get some bitches+ money(ik u already got the last)
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