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  1. The 3rd age pickaxe is a piece of 3rd age equipment. It requires 65 Attack to wield and 61 Mining to use and shares the same mining speed and special attack as a dragon pickaxe. It is a possible reward from master treasure trails, and cannot be bought in stores nor made through any skills.
  2. @JBLIND My Fucking Bro Did It Again Best roat vid maker
  3. Asked @king hoof m8 and he said he's almost sure that it's at this location: Right at the wall above the spider text, fastest way to it is ::easts and run north. Good luck clue hunting!
  4. Nice video brothers keep it up A lot of opps dying in this vid
  5. Good video keep it up brother
  6. Cool video, hoping to see more @Tesfxyessh hater Arunvandaag om 19:45 Tried bottom switching but just doesnt work for me cant 1 tick the barrages
  7. Welcome back brother and gz on 10k kills
  8. Back 2 back? Good shit brother! Good luck to everyone
  9. Good video as usual damn my man hit a 81 as a clown
  10. Good video, miss the silver crown ban152 days
  11. was someone on ur acc @Adam ??
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