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  1. Thoughts on clan discussion gettin active again? @Smackd
  2. @Dylalina stop trying to port lure nice alt
  3. Looks nice! Happy holidays for everyone and thank you @Fantastic @Gretar
  4. What colors would you suggest them to be? I don't think having any other colors than red(and darker red) for killstreaks will be looking nice on the server. I'd suggest keeping the current killstreak colors but just moving them all up, so for instance the first red skull will be at 10, 2nd at 25, 3rd at 50, 4th at 100 and 5th at 250+
  5. Entertaining vid especially the first clip Keep it up hoping 2 see more
  6. Vls, Swh and Javs should be nerved in my opinion Morrigan jav has like a 50 max hit in LMS gear, hits 20-30 through pray very consistently You don't hit that with diamond bolts
  7. Khalil

    New Arrival

    Hey dude cool post Welcome to RoatPkz
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