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  1. https://gyazo.com/18fd7d99454b28abcee1afd66ae301af
  2. Khalil


    big guy on roatpkz, u know what u did and the impact u had even tho u had 100 hrs last yr no1 cares we all know ur the goat, our staff members eventually grow out of the game and u were the first one to do so, wish u all the best, all the trolls and flames we had(jblind useless) were for the best. inshallah u get some bitches+ money(ik u already got the last)
  3. Nice lootations!! Also, forums are indeed kind of dead but this happened since everyone switched over to discord and all the discussion are in there + the roatpkz related discord. @Chef
  4. Hmm strange I’ll check this when on pc as I can see no-one remacbanned you. Did this happen as you were trying to log into your macbanned accounts?
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