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  1. That just made my dick hard liek seriously
  2. The retards all deserve to get scammed, if they are putting up items for spawnable ones without checking or knowing the price of the item.
  3. You look like jolly old saint nick
  4. Wow, I'm sitting here cleaned as fuck and u guys can't even help me out a little
  6. What the fuck eliza you sad fuck and u cant even throw me 1 black sad
  7. Everyone knows that Pedro is a mong Pedro is known for never helping any1 and I see people helping out people on a daily basis. Pedro never even stays in a cc to help someone with one thing so why is he serve support?
  8. LMAO I'M THE ONE WHO GOT SCAMMED FOR 6M and is not getting shit back
  9. Okay I used to have admins on my server that played other servers
  10. If he is admin on this server then he should not be doing any projects with other servers, that's just my opinion no need to get so butthurt
  11. That's stupid, just like donator island is
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