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  1. Peace John Wall, good hybrid, shit talker, average + logic debater. Basically you made your mark mate, good luck with the new job ball out son, and best of luck.
  2. Castial


    Damn son. rarely do I log on but for my nigga Terezy? ah man I'm legit going to miss you man. You've been a pleasure and there's a reason why most people like you, you illuminate this place mate. I wish you the best of luck in real life and whatever you decide to do.
  3. Castial

    End of an era

    Logged on just to give you a proper send off. Glad you thought of me enough to put me in your best friends list, jokes aside yeah from what I can say about you well you inspired hate, but most importantly involvement you were never boring. Around 2014-15 well that was the peak of animosity for pretty much everyone, you gave up on your whole "fuck this person and this person send them off to fuck off land" and I gave up on my "demote this faggot plan 97 and counting". Call it enlightenment or an epiphany, I like to think of it as the majority of roat players grew the fuck up, and realized p servers aren't worth that much energy. Our inherit differences shouldn't blind us toward the bigger picture, which would be a online utopia basically a synthetic nostalgia from 07 from a game we loved enough to play for a decade or close, just a place where it's minimal stress and you can kick it with your boys. All the petty squabbles and unique disrespect roatpkz has to offer, isn't shit if the fundamental aspect of having fun isn't there. For your accomplishments for improving the forums, making this server into more 07 oriented and less easypkz (Chaotics, d capes), being active for countless days to years without gratitude from your charges, or co workers. From the numerous events you've helped orchestrated or took apart in, from the countless clan run ins you've participated in, just being community involved in general. Well, you deserve a hell a lot more then being demoted, now resigning on your own time table? sure. Now as a complimentary one last dig, but friendly banter.
  4. Nice to you meet Joel, guides here, in game rules here, have fun.
  5. Castial

    Join Vlili today!

    Right, 36 whip death, and I'm the random.
  6. Castial

    Join Vlili today!

    "Till the end" or hell even till lvl 1, I hadn't played in years that day when I logged in, so I checked out easts bad timing innit.
  7. Castial

    Join Vlili today!

    That's a little embarrassing for you that's from February months ago, it's super irrelevant but not as irrelevant as some random dying to a 36 whip. Not to mention I got all the way to level 1 with your whole clan 5+ people on me, and still managed to tank till the end. Try again. 13 seconds for anyone who doesn't want to watch this yute trying to flash or fail to brew.
  8. Castial

    Join Vlili today!

    Team Lavish representative here, we would like to merge with you guys as well or join.
  9. I'll do it for you as a present + my other gift I better be in best friend territory.
  10. Happy birthday mate, I'll share some of the items I hacked from arun ezpz lemon squeezy.
  11. I don't understand?...we all have X accounts, for example mine is Xes, tupacs is xez Etc. It's pretty much a requirement to have a X account when registering.
  12. Castial

    Tempation island

    I actually don't mind slightly cancerous shows like this kind of a guilty pleasure, basically pretend you have a girlfriend get on the show, ??? fuck as many chicks as you want.
  13. Yeah, noticed some old clips as well. That said this nigga smokey never fails to disappoint with lava like songs, and straight up smooth production.
  14. Just posting so Suor can give me a free upvote. Smackd - Complete nerd, as for his job prime example of what roatpkz finest has to offer. yoobs - I've always admired this guys banter even when we are at odds. Decently active, veteran of the staff, chill lad. Jblind - hm...great ss, decent mod. Funny tho. John - Doing his forum thang naw mean? when you see him coming out of his shell his banter is roatpkz worthy, chill guy as well. taco - taco taco burrito burrito. Ban152- His activity is on point, cool dude. Bankai - bro step up to the plate. Super chill lad tho. Nyzic - 60 percent staff, 30 percent nice pker, 5 percent staker, 5 percent shitter. killbob - Why isn't this kid demoted already? Dario614 - Forum mod excellent, ss? better than most of the above besides my nigga bob. Suor - Thanks for the upvote seriously you better not let me down. From what I've heard does a great job, remember your job isn't to be friends with everyone though.
  15. I share your sentiment, respect is earned innit.
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