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  1. yea most rsps LOVE to rant on forums and act like 4chan ive noticed
  2. I REALLY want 3rd age longsword,2h,and other weapons from current osrs to be added and maybe a custom third age plateskirt added for donators,3a is easily one of the coolest armors in game but legs look bad on females :( whoever codes should add these PLEASE(:
  3. brine sabre is better than rune scimitar,and looks pretty awesome
  4. I would LOVE the addition of the brine sabre,and the combat braces being coded in and useable,they would make pking more varied,all i see is whips,godswords and dharok for most part
  5. yea right now im working on getting the essential strength gear,zerker helm and torso,stuck on fremmy isles part where u have to find draugen,just got dragon defender suprisingly fast only took 5 cyclops
  6. @Zaros its a main,just pretty balanced combat 71 attack,71 str 70 def
  7. Hello,I just started roatpkz,not sure how I feel about it yet,people are pretty agressive,I joined because I want practice at pking,I play oldschool runescape SUMMER CHICK is my username there,my goal on here is to get better at pking with timing and whatnot or just have fun,Ill be nice to people who are respectful to me (dont call me tranny,slut etc..) add me in game if you want to fight or talk or something I guess
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