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  1. Honestly, from a personal point of view, just work, do your thing, keep pushing forward, life can be a bitch sometimes, I lost my father when i was 14 and yeah, it sucks, but just keep your head held high, don't put yourself down. As for this post, i wouldn't recommend posting anything about your life on the forums because 99% of roat is mentally incapable of even attaining a job irl that they'll just bash you and flame you for whatever you've gone through. focus on your life irl, find friends that you can relate to, join support groups if you need to, there are also forums in which people will help you if needed, there's online therapists. DO NOT use roat as a means to seek help or attention (if that is the case). People on here are either 25 with the mentality of 12 year olds or are just completely retarded.
  2. Facts, mr meowge is definitely a whale.
  3. This guy is so fucking weird LOL
  4. Nah tank is famous in Africa, I bet they have his posters all over their palaces.
  5. Grats waheyyy!!, I'll take my hook later
  6. Stop trying to be a hitman, fantastic had a main on here before your ugly ass even hit puberty. Shouldn't you be out job hunting to pay your medical bills for the brain dysfunction we can all see you clearly have.
  7. Can you ever reply to someone's comment without being a disrespectful 14 year old spaz? Btw not gonna reply to your reply because you're completely irrelevant. Have a nice day.
  8. Lmaooo that chicken made me giggle ngl

  10. You're literally 14, you're not even old enough to cross the street alone without a guardian, stop trying to be a thug.
  11. Gotta be, there isn't even a ditch at Edge. LMAO.
  12. Since when is a neitz helm and ahrims considered max?
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iwxfmYR7ItM
  14. Come up with something new, you sound like every other depressed 14 year old with alcoholic parents that plays roat.
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