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  1. Andrew

    well this is awkward

    I legit love you
  2. Andrew

    Feedback on 1 slap

    Amazing story!
  3. Andrew

    cleaning the wildy

    Thanks for exposing all your alts, we rm when I login. 14 brews though lmaoooo
  4. Andrew

    Hatcx slapped for max ez

    Good one, try using a comeback that nobody else on roat uses next time, you're just a parody of everyone else
  5. Andrew

    Hatcx slapped for max ez

    Imagine a Somalian posing as an Aussie who is actually Indian talking about an ego. Also.. it's spelt dying not "dieing" retard.
  6. Andrew

    Making signatures for FREE

    This is beautiful and true all at the same time.
  7. Andrew


    Nh tank is mentally challenged. He's also muted for not knowing how to use his brain effectively during his roatpkz mental breakdowns (hopefully forever)
  8. Andrew


    Yeah funny how you're a little bitch when I say nice ip to someone when I'm clearly joking as I don't even ddos nor have any intention of ddosing, but when you post my old irl photos on the forums and I report you, you cry like a little bitch. You're just obsessed with me. Get over yourself. You and NH Tank have also threatened to release my Facebook photos on multiple occasions to people via pm or on discord. You're clearly a delusional freak.
  9. Andrew

    Donate and win big!

    Still waiting for @Heh to hook you
  10. Andrew


    Sam is one of the coolest people to ever play this game, an I'm not saying that because he's a friend. Never see him flame, handles his business without causing beef. I would support you for everything. You're my right hand nigga. 1000000000% yes
  11. Andrew


    You best believe I'll be apart of this #OriginalNBK