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  1. pure v1


    rspunit nubsters...
  2. pure v1

    Own Up

    rly pedro, why u make dis...... rly...
  3. I'm in on the next tourny
  4. food wars is a good show... it's anime
  5. It already does link you to the new forum.
  6. There is no need for that kind of language.
  7. You deleted the post you gave me the warning for? Lol just stop. you're complete trash at what you're doing as a 'forum moderator' good thing you don't have a rank in-game, better just to stick with forums for you.
  8. Why do you warn me? how Im I 'spamming' or 'disruptive', If you're incapable of controlling the forums, and you consider this spamming or disruptive, you can easily be replaced in my eyes. _______________________________________________________________________
  9. Render: Surprise me! Colors: Grey and Blue Text: Pure V1 2nd Text (if any): Bridding Machine
  10. pure v1

    1 by 1

    Thanks for the confidence boost bro, +1
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