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  1. Not sure how Tr1pper didnt get 2nd or 3rd ngl. Congratulations to people who placed though
  2. Try deleting it and redownloading following this guide.
  3. Yo, welcome to Roatpkz.
  4. Hello, Join the discord @ discord.gg/Roatpkz or ::discord in-game. Open a #support-ticket select option "Account recovery".
  5. -Jay-


    Frequently asked questions How do I vote? ::vote in-game vote on all links then press claim after voting. How do I donate with OSGP? ::OSGP in-game first option alerts senior moderator+ they'll process your donation. Second option is a calculator OSGP to dollar amount. What was the most recent Roatpkz update? ;:update in-game will bring you to the update topic. Are there any staff members online? ::Staff in-game will show you a list of staff. Green icon indicates online and active staff. Yellow icon indicates online and AFK staff. Red icon indicates offline staff. How do I access the trading post? ::TP to trade items. Where is the makeover mage? ::Home East outside the first building. How do I start training slayer? ::Slayer talk to Krystilia the only slayer master on Roatpkz currently. I can't figure out this clue step? ::Clueguide in-game will link you to a full guide. Useful threads and links Donate for credits by @Gretar Account recovery by @Gretar Clue scroll guide by @goat CoX guide by @King Arturia Teleports guide by @Ex0tic Vote boss guide by @-Jay- Skilling guide by @zite Zulrah guide by @goat Herb guide by @Jake pw Hunter guide by @Ex0tic Useful video guides by @Hemmi80
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