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  1. BRO MY TOPIC IS 10000


  2. Guys!! I wasn't expecting such nice comments as feedback for this 28sec video tyvm
  3. I know you all want more pk videos, but this one is better
  4. Why is there so much people arguing? I would apply but tbh I won't have much time
  5. Great update. Suggestions: - Penalize rambos, rushers & pkers with protective prayers or retribution ON. - Reward item switches & combos
  6. Gonna miss Bob but I'm happy for Ban, well deserved!
  7. Good because I was tired of my whip spamming 0s in max melee gear vs rune ...
  8. Why the hell max Risk Defence is now 1.000 pkp? Removing the 5k, 10k & 25k Risk Defence levels makes Risk defence useless as hell ... Please @Gretar bring back the one you released. Thanks & kisses
  9. About Catalonia Independence referendum. I think people are miss-informed and I will have to travel away from Barcelona due to a civil war soon... What do you think about that? PS: This ain't no joke I live in Barcelona, Catalonia & Spanish government is kind of crazy
  10. I really wonder why I am like the only guy in the whole Roatpkz Forum who puts an image of himself instead of a hot girl
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