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  1. Aelin

    I'm Cracked

    what is this controller aim
  2. plus wan fix so fruity can claim rank 1 in 5 levels
  3. BUYING pm me in-game / dm me / reply cheers bought
  4. Aelin

    Xex Day

    my sincerest apologies
  5. Aelin

    Xex Day

    you look a lot more like a girl than I expected @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex
  6. leaving those ardy cloaks sitting my bank for years has finally payed off gj removing divine, finally; good stuff
  7. if not bait - it's literally the same stats, mate
  8. Hard no; those capes were (1) OP as hell, and (2) looked like the definition of a trash 2010 RSPS item. Also, for the PK cape, 1k kills is really not a lot anymore. If the cape is re-added it should be a cosmetic and have tiers (similar to the OSRS CoX/ToB capes), i.e. 2.5k, 5k, 10k. 15k, 20k.
  9. No, I made platebodies with the second method I mentioned. I was first to 99 Smithing and, at the time, the Resource Area was way too active to smelt Iron bars in for any reasonable length of time (especially given I'm not in any CC). The first player to max, "Ty For 07", did do Iron bars in the Resource Area all the way to 99 (he had protection) and said the XP/hr was comparable to my method - still slow, but substantially more relaxed/AFK-able.
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