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  1. Aelin

    Staff feedback

  2. nice song, good vid imagine missclicking angler-brew with a full inv
  3. Aelin

    150k PKP Giveaway

    ign: Aelin #: 40 ples ::hook am poor
  4. Aelin

    Black Skull

    +1 killstreak intervals are far too small; something like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 (black skull), would be much better
  5. +rep for that Paramore nostalgia
  6. Aelin

    120k's worth of rares

    Decent collection, nice man. I've not bought any in a long time, but here's mine:
  7. Aelin


  8. Aelin


  9. 1. Should a Barrage timer be implemented? No. Never liked the idea of knowing exactly when you'll be unfrozen, a timer definitely detracts from the skill of nh/bridding. 2. Should a vengeance timer be implemented? Don't see why not, any skill using vengeance has always been timing it correctly - not spamming it when its cooldown is almost finished. It does already get greyed out when it's on cooldown, so it's not too big a deal either way. 3. Should various potion timers be implemented? (Stamina, Anti-Venom, etc) Again, don't see why not; it's just a QoL thing, ultimately. 4. Should the timers be automatically turned off at ::brid/::edgepvp? Yes. OSRS switches are already forced there, so it makes sense to disable timers there, also. Oh, and, if they are added, they should also be disabled in tournaments.
  10. Aelin

    Probably the best montage so far

    nice vid, v strong pkar +1 for hardstyle, too
  11. Aelin


    waow u gettin v strong at point and clicking
  12. Aelin


    happy bday, jblindinho