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  1. Aelin

    Master Clue Guide

    excellent guide, mr. server supporter
  2. Mythical max cape has no 'disassemble' option. ples fix
  3. good point and click skills
  4. Aelin

    I'm Cracked

    what is this controller aim
  5. plus wan fix so fruity can claim rank 1 in 5 levels
  6. BUYING pm me in-game / dm me / reply cheers bought
  7. Aelin

    Xex Day

    my sincerest apologies
  8. Aelin

    Xex Day

    you look a lot more like a girl than I expected @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex @Xex
  9. leaving those ardy cloaks sitting my bank for years has finally payed off gj removing divine, finally; good stuff
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