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  1. 325 vote points - Phazzed - 650k for all pm me in game, dm, or leave a comment. Neogtiable
  2. phazzed


    The "hooks pls" has me fucking dead lmfao
  3. Fractured my wrist lmfao. actually just had surgery on it y-day and got pins in it. it's all fucking casted up again for another few weeks.
  4. Hey erry one. I started streaming and have a couple Youtube videos, regardless have been playing for a min. But I'm back and wazzpoppin. Just got my cast off so I'm not at 100% but ye. See you guys round. hmu if you want a 1v1 - Phazzed twitch.tv/phazzedisgaming same for youtube
  5. Agreed as well. active staff online would be better. Always problems occurring in the community without a staff member there to help resolve the problem. But most of the time there isn’t really a “problem” Becuase Roat doesn’t really have any rules. lol
  6. Just want to shout-out the entire Youtube Community and Staff Team of Roat Pkz. Youtubers: Yall are really stepping your game up and wanting to become content creators =p . Amazing seeing all of the applications that are going in. Keep em coming! Staff/Development Team: I can absolutely say that the server seems to be going in the right path and the staff/development team is on top of their shit rn. Just shoutout to y'all because I know we don't see what goes on behind the scenes. But I can tell that y'all are on your shit by the new content being pumped out Amazing Job by Everyone, - Phazzed
  7. What do you mean by Extreme Rank first? Haha! I wouldn't doubt them for a second. If they want to make it happen I'm sure they could
  8. Hey, I was thinking about applying to a Youtube Rank because I've recently started streaming. I'm just getting into this and haven't gotten to the whole Youtube part of it yet, and I'm working on it =p. But I was thinking there should be a rank for specifically Twitch Streamers / Youtube Streamers. And if you're both, the option to switch between Twitch and Youtube. Idk. Maybe even a status that you can switch too, to let other players know that you're streaming at that exact moment. Like when they right click your name in edge, like a special twitch/youtuber icon. That'd be pretty cool. Thank you, and Sincerely, Phazzed
  9. Just a suggestion homie. Chilllllll @Same Sea lmfao
  10. Appreciate the GL's everyone
  11. Yo a message for the community. I've decided that I'm on Roat about 24/7, which is sad as fuck, but I might as well start streaming. Figured chilling with the community would give me something to do. Prolly do random events and tournaments for the ones watching. But I'll be advertising a good bit while in-game so y'all should know when I'm streaming =p . Anyways here's the link if you wanna drop me a follow or come check me out. (No specific time stream starts). Twitch:
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