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  1. Bro you can ask all staffs who the king of roatpkz is. Fucking orphan rat im #King Gyms fucking donkey, i was the guy who fixed this server, helped this server, boosted this server, promoted this server. Who the fuck are you im most known guy of this server fucking random fat prick. Im 7 years on this server you just walked around the corner shit ass kid
  2. Can i ask who you are? You fucking stupid random paki
  3. Are you dumb or stupid ?? Huhh? Are you dumb or stupid??? fucking idiot if in guilty yeah i would have said that. But since im not guilty in my eyes and i didnt do anything wrong i wont say that im guilty. you know why?? Because i didnt scam him at all and secondly it wasnt even a scam. @Gretar please respond cant talk with your staff team.
  4. This game is so stupid like seriously such a toxic and bad staffs, doesnt even know where pvp or wildy is how can camelot be a fucking wilderness?? l000000000000l
  5. since when is camelot a fucking lure??? fucking retard??? omfgggggg jhahahhahahahaha u guys are admins and doesnt even know that???? go ask gretar if he has ever scripted camelot loooool it was never wilderness and how can you lie about me wearing in max bla bla bla, go check each of my accounts i have no items or whatever which part did i stay there with max l0l. shame that you are lying being a admin l00000000000000000000l
  6. I swear decline 1 more time, i decline your mother, and i put my whole leg in your ass just letting you know.
  7. i am mac banned retard go check
  8. Listen Everyone, I need all the support who is standing behind my back, to get my Gym Life back and my unmac ban. Look im the leader of this server and i own it since im from the beginning, i see and know that there is alot of random people and new people came in, i need to get in game so i can show them who the leader is, so let me come back and let me lead this server again! Best wishes KANE
  9. Well are the admins gonna unban my account: Gym Life yes or no ? if its no i will not play just to let you guys know. i already got plenty of people quit. because look without me the server aint funny trust me. there will be all random players etc and new rats. but if i play all veteran players will be back. so its up to you guys.
  10. Nice video, i hope i can win something because all these roatpkz community are hungry and greedy for pixels. anyways nice video as again.
  11. Watch there will be army of 5 people of #KING GYMS GROUP. Watch how i take the first place :)
  12. hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha thanks brother
  13. Hey guys, Look how u get Infernal Cape > http://prntscr.com/m3o6sd easy
  14. You suck dawg, get the fuck out of my server. U wont get shit of people.
  15. I should get the reward, im most humorous person of roatpkz.
  16. Gym Life


    Your nan is a zeppelin you dumb fat kid, your whole family is a ballon who sucks each other
  17. Gym Life


    Why do people use my name to have fame? Like i know when i post something on forums that im getting the most views and likes. Why do people use my name to trying to get the same :?
  18. Well dream further noob, come to isis lets see if if u get out safety
  19. Listen dude, if you gonna start this fight. Trust me you wont win i swear post 1 more topic on me and ill start making 5 topics everyday on you
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