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  1. Agreed, pretty hard to get into one, unless im up after midnight.
  2. pm me in game im buying both rn
  3. Good job on that afk kid
  4. Ive been doing some giveaways recently, but its really annoying doing ez maths and lame ass trivia for like 40 kids. Since theres no physical way to drop items, I thought it would be a cool idea to have a working party room. Maybe we can use ::party for it since it has no real use? Im just trynna spread the wealth, unlike these kids that hold the fucking eco and do nothing with it. I got loads of items like stat sets, bandos sets, serps, tents, dfs, etc. that i would like to get out of my bank and back into the eco without having to host some long ass shin dig.
  5. I got a full set and en extra top and bottom
  6. I expect this by early 2018
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