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  1. Developer(s) N/A N/A Global Admin(s) Yoobs - #1 doesn't get any #1er. Administrator(s) Legend - Chill man when he's on. Ungrateful - Mike's super good at what he does. MUCH more active nowadays, *Catch him @ ur nearest edgeville with an AGS and Void. Ignoring. Global Moderator(s) Zoradz - Super chill also. Not strict but doesn't let alot slip. Forum Moderator(s) N/A Player Moderator(s) N/A Server Support Graphics - Levi is the best candidate for mod i.m.o. He's super helpful, active, and friendly on top of it all. Never seen him get angry, or refuse to help someone in need. +1
  2. Support, tons of them. Or when you camp dzone and get 4 fire capes in a row
  3. Hello mates, steve here. Adamzor thought I should help him get some fans to begin his dancing career. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTQnjA-EoDY&feature=youtu.be
  4. There are very very very many things in this i like. Pets nd ardy cloak A couple 50/50 but thats what brainstorming is for. LOLed @ the skilling reference, but great ideas Yoobs!
  5. Wait, there are people who play Roat without smoking???
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