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  1. Harley


    he'd be more respected if he didn't act like such an arrogant scumbag lmao. He's solid, not one of the best though.
  2. Would be very neat indeed. Shouldn't be too hard to add in either I'd imagine, simple teleport commands. Pls add
  3. Harley


    Bump. Need some new shit to listen tooo. One of y'all gotta have something good for me.
  4. For starters, why donate 5k? imagine the amount of watermelons you could have bought.
  5. Literally has nothing to do with the point I was making. Good job resorting to something everybody else does.
  6. Good for you, lol. Doesn't make you less wrong.
  7. You know it fam. I'm too smart for y'all I'M A FUCKING GENIUS BOYS. Y'ALL CAN CHOKE ON DIRT.
  8. Lol there's literally a section on the forums for non-RoatPkz content. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried. He just posted in the wrong section.
  9. Harley


    MJ is always solid. King of Pop for a damn good reason.
  10. lol still have 2 in my bank so gg.
  11. Harley


    Much prefer Hot ft. Gunna, prefer everything about it tbh. Bad Bad Bad is alright, but like i said, personally the best tracks I listened to from the album came before I went through it. With ferg's EP, I'd say Hummer Limo, Wam, Pups, Jet Lag and Wigs are my favourites. Hummer Limo being the favourite of them all.
  12. Harley


    solid af. love the chillness of the track.
  13. Harley


    already did. loved it apart from My Pain which just isn't good, and Death Because of Death isn't great either. Orphan, Red Flag, Critical Darling, Birth Of The Cruel, Nero Forte, Solway Firth and Unsainted are all phenomenal. Literally everything except for death metal (not that i don't like it, just not a constant desire to listen to) and Opera. @Chef good song. 2pac is always solid. One of the greatest storytelling rappers i've heard, but never felt the need to dive into his discography like I have with Eminem or Biggie or even some of the modern day rappers. Always appreciate a good 90s flow though.
  14. Harley


    already listened to it, the songs that i listened to before i went through it were the best. Tbh it's too long for the type of album it is, got very bored by the end of it, skipped the last 4 songs bc it just didn't interest me. Hot, What's The Move, Mannequin Challenge, The London and Just How It Is are easily the best. The rest are just eh. Asap Ferg's Floor Seats is much more entertaining. 9 songs, full of banger. Big recommend.
  15. Harley


    Just somebody post about their recent music adventures/discoveries/opinions. I need somebody to talk to lmao. PS: Yung Gravy and bbno$ are the GOAT.
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