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  1. OMFG I GOT THE CUTEST PET ON 07!! Jagex are sweet to me theese days they look so cute
  2. want me to use my magic on u?
  3. Sorry just so good exp and afkable :((( thanks man - seems like a good name ty and u2 man - u lucky bastard, l0l
  4. Was a lovely day on 07, the grind never stops when its afkable. Suddenly I got a fantastic message in my chatbox: and I got my first pet Any ideas what I should call this little fella?
  5. which means, cya u in 2019 with revs cave?
  6. Damn! Hella nice signature bby!
  7. Background type: Whichever you think would look best Character(s), etc: Osrs art - Could be something with Category: Amine Text type: 3D please Main text: Hypnos Extra text: God of Sleep (Would prefer if the text is close to eachother.) Price: We will speak about it g Do you agree to the TaC? (Terms and conditions): Yes
  8. The title says it all. Im buying a super donor ticket. Pm me ingame or here. Lotto from today
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