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  1. First of all, cute post really got your point across, although couldn't understand half of it. You can't seriously expect to get SS after flaming current staff members and calling more than half of the player base jews and that they need to get cancer, clearly @JBLIND has shown more than enough evidence to mute you-fuck you should be perm banned IMO. As far as your buddy's ss app goes they obviously posted on it knowing you'd see it just to get a reaction, which they've accomplished quite clearly. You're attitudes terrible, when you don't get what you want you flame and then claim how good of a person you are 15 mins later.. Grow up please and stop making useless threads - when you realize your irrelevant we won't have these issues. Thanks for being a root of cancer on our forums. Much love, Takes. Lmfao
  2. Already suggested, but support
  3. Just RNG, im 300 kc in, 2 tridents, tent and 2 occults..
  4. Not viable anymore, blood barrage no longer heals.
  5. Capitalism - Think about the most powerful country's in the world, they are so powerful because they are economic powerhouses. Capitialism drives motiviation and the advancement in technology, sciences, research etc. It's a incentive to become rich, think about a small example like RoatPkz everyone plays to be rich and go as far as they can in the game, not to make a bunch of money and let others decide what to do with it, think about how annoying it is when people ask for hooks - same idea. Capitalism is why society has come so far, and how crazy efficient the whole internet boom has progressed. Just my opinion.
  6. im as cool as sophia now https://gyazo.com/d047550a22c525eb7e1bce3ab057d4be
  7. takes

    Few more

    Okie thanks for the feedback
  8. takes

    Few more

    Ty, didnt notice the option.
  9. Heres a few more suggestions, Shift drop would be nice Ibans staff to work for Kraken (Ibans blast) Gnome Scarf to be added again, jad 1v1.. aswell as multi refer to my previous thread for more info. Dwarven rock cake - could be fun Either a infernal cape buff or a decrease in the price, 250k PKP for a cape is a bit insane Seen this b4, having to fix pk items likes void, torso, defenders, f capes - would add more value to edge pking Blowpipe (Its probably a work in progress) Seperate currency based on EP in the wildy - blood money? 1 blood money could be worth 500 BH points? just an addition (will help edge wildy) All I got for now :]
  10. takes


    I like it, only critcism is the yellow, it looks old, maybe brghten it a bit?
  11. Thanks for all the feedback
  12. thanks for the feedback m8 no one likes the jad ty for the feedback lad
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