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Found 8 results

  1. INSOMNIA NATION I am presenting this new and upcoming community pvm clan chat we strive to to build our community to take on pvm highscores weekly along side weekly youtube streams events and pking! with our main focus of PVM Friends of ROAT anyone is more then welcome to join. we are a growing clan chat accepting any die hard pvmers that are trying to chase the daily/weekly highscores and join our stream events, giveaways and masses weekly. Always accepting skilled pkers that enjoy pvm. We will be developing a pking division once were at that stage. Short sweet to the point i look forward to seeing you all in the clan or on our youtube channel @ Insomnia Nation
  2. I recommend. Pre reset: Pet dark core - 8 KC Elysian sigil - 67 KC & 75 KC Post reset: Arcane sigil - 149 KC & 151 KC Elysian sigil - 198 KC (It's worth noting that all the drops listed, bar the pet, were received with an active Vote Bonus).
  3. mage can defiantly be improved with ancestral and arcane, range with tbow. And melee with full torva, rapier and sythe.
  4. who has the most demonic gorrilas kills again? oh sorry just wanted to brag a little i think i have about 13k kc anyone wanna talk numbers? dont give up on heavys.
  5. How it could look Red zone: 15 rune ores 15 magic trees In order to enter the red zone - you must pay 1000 Pk points - You are able to Note the items there - If you Disconnect or log out (you will spawn outside of the area) Yellow zone: In order to enter the yellow zone - You must pay 2500 Pk Points - You must wear The full rogue set - You must be atleast 80 thieving - If you disconnect or log out (you will spawn outside of the area) White zone In order to enter the white zone - You must pay 1000 Pk points (per 10 spawns) to spawn a boss - You will be teleported into A Instance for yourself only - It could also teleport you to an instance of your Slayer task (for yourself only) - In the Slayer area , If you consider to add it You will be inside till you Dc or teleport out (Same with boss if you dc mid the boss fight you will Fight your next one , Lose 1 kill) Brown zone: In order to enter the brown zone - You must pay 3000 Pk points - All revenants are in it - Can be instanced for yourself aswell - You are inside of it untill you dc / Log out - If you die there you do not lose your items (SAFEZONE) Black zone: A shop for legendary donator's How to earn the points Do stuff on the Legendary donator zone Example: You Kill 10 bosses (example Kraken) - You receive 15 points Afk zone (1 point per 30minutes) Thieving (is basiaclly afk aswell every 30minutes 1 point) - add more ideas if you have any What should be in it - Ags 50 points - claws 100 points - Donator points 10 for 25points - elysian 200 points - Dragon-hunter-crossbow 50points - Toxic staff of dead: 25points - Custom box (1000points) - Partyhats / santa / hweens (normal ones) 250 points per - 3rd age pieces 500 points per piece - Infernal cape 8000 points @Gretar @Smackd @JBLIND
  6. My suggestion is that the wise old man is added to RoatPkz as a 3x3 Wilderness Boss such as Jad/Skotizo or a new wilderness boss. It could also be used as a HPEvent NPC which has *UNKNOWN* HP which resides in the fountain of Rune, with removal of the Fountain of Runes ruined walls, Their is now a next to perfect 1 way barrier which you have to pay 300PKP To enter without escape, The Area which is also a Multi-Zone and a area which you cannot teleport away from, (meaning if you enter with items, you will not be able to exit unless the boss is killed ). Possible Attacks : Wise old Man will be able to cast all 3 of the God Spells with addition of the Normal Melee attack with his staff which deals damage to those using the wrong prayer. The Default Spell, Saradomin Strike , Will be His Default Spell which is the Main DPS Spell he will be using. Protection Spell, Claws of Guthix , Will Spawn 4-5 Gnomes (which can be killed by Players to speed up the process ) Which provide a protective cover over the Wise Old Man. (which Players have to kill or wait an entire 20 seconds without dealing DMG) However, Players can still Attack Each other. Offensive Spell, The Wise old man Spawns 6-8 Monks of Zamorak which decreases Players stats, which have to be killed or stats will keep decreasing, They shall stay until Wise old man either Dies or Despawns. Melee Attack : Just a normal attack capable of hitting 20-40s, Turning Prayers off entirely if the Player is not paying attention. Guaranteed Drops Platinum Key Possible Drops PK Points ( or a 20-30k PKP Ticket ) Extra Platinum Key Anglerfish Super CB / Stamina Potions Wise Young Man ( Pet of Wise Old man but smaller ) Staff of Light Odium Ward Malediction Ward Saradomin Godsword Mage's Book Magic Fang Dragon Warhammer Arcane Sigil Spectral Sigil Arclight Armadyl Crossbow Dragonfire Ward Ancient Wyvern Shield Arcane Prayer Scroll Dragon Claws As i just thought of this, the drops and other attacks and such may need to be reworked on. Please post your feedback below, - Forsaken God - Adam.
  7. When you kill a boss a number of times, you should be eligible for a title. For example: @Smackd gets 500/750/1000/1250 kills of the Chaos Elemental boss, He would receive a title such as : "Chaotic", "The Elemental" etc. or @nh tank gets 500/750/1000/1250 kills of Corporeal Beast boss, He would receive a title such as : "The Living" or @ru kidding m gets 500/750/1000/1250 kills of Skotizo or Jad, He would receive a title. - I can't think of any for these. and if a player gets 250/500/750/1000/1250 kills of ALL bosses in the game, they should receive a title. eg. @Diiaurei gets 250/500/750/1000/1250 kills in all bosses, he would receive a title - "PvM Master", "Slayermaster" etc.
  8. Lava Dragons in Roat Pkz Hey lads, I was doing the imbued god cape miniquest the day it came out and while doing it, I stumbled on the Lava Dragon Isle. I had completely disregarded this area before due to the fact that it is a dead zone with no real use at the moment. However, lava dragons are a great opportunity to bring items into the game while creating a new PvP hotspot. My thoughts so far as to what items lava dragons could drop: Vesta pieces (1/800 for each piece) Magic Fang (1/500) Lava Dragon Mask (1/350) Dragonfire Shield (1/200) Volcanic Whip Mix (1/200) Dragon Claws (1/150) Tome of Fire (1/100) Statius Armor Pieces (1/100 each piece) Bandos / Arma Pieces (1/75 each piece) The 3 items I mentioned here that aren't already in the game: Tome of Fire (full): 500 PKP This would do exactly what it does on OSRS. As someone who enjoys experimenting with combos in pure brackets, this would be a very interesting item to use, allowing for more variation from your standard DDS and Gmaul kill combos. Volcanic Whip Mix: ~1500 PKP Fancy whips are nice, right? With the recent addition of degrading tentacle whips, we might as well have a new way to flex with normal whips. Volcanic whips would be kept on death. Lava Dragon Mask: ~3000 PKP The Lava Dragon Mask, unlike in OSRS, could actually have a use here. In addition to looking pretty sick, it would allow the user to teleport to the entrance to the Lava Dragon Isle. This would add some risk to many lava dragon killers' - and PKers' - inventories. Also, it would make it more convenient for players to get to the Isle, making it more popular to visit. Also, it would be nice to see Vesta items included on the drop table if they won't be included with the Revenant Caves. Feel free to tweak this idea as you would like, but I think it would be really interesting to see this area implemented.
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