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  1. Clemenza

    The server lag past few days

    Definitely Seems to be getting more laggier and more frequent overtime. - Clemenza.
  2. Clemenza

    Ability to Attack Same CC Removed

    Its a clean way to guarantee that you are both on the same team.
  3. Clemenza

    Ability to Attack Same CC Removed

    I Mean, if you both have the teamcape on, you cant attack eachother unless right click option. If both have the teamcape on, you cant attack eachother accidentally upon left-click.
  4. Clemenza

    close to max

    Omg Dude your so close! Congratulations when you do max! -Clemenza
  5. I Think that The Ability to Attack the people in the Same CC to be removed in the wilderness if wearing the same Team-Cape. Others may think that this is a bad Idea,However,We'll have to see. -Clemenza
  6. Clemenza

    SLayer/wildy monsters

    I Dont think that's a good idea, if anything, the Wilderness Bosses should be Nerfed in the Droptable and make it harder to get drops, Such as the Venenatis where you can make for example 10K PKP In about 10Minutes if you dont have badluck. Anyway, RoatPkz is ment to be a PK Server,So i think that we should keep it PK Based and less on PVM Based ways for Money. - Clemenza.
  7. Clemenza

    hi smackd here

    God, Everyone close their eyes and eardrums! Smackd has returned!
  8. Clemenza

    Recruitment thread

    I Agree, the Kits Look absolutely awful and they need to revamped.
  9. Good Video in general though, Seems abit weird though seeing in ::Yell basicly saying the community is toxic as Fuck 🤣
  10. Clemenza

    JuQzy's 100 Boss killcount

    Good luck for you to get the drops you want.
  11. Clemenza


    Haha Yeah, i was thinking that with the terrible music selection lol.
  12. Clemenza


    RIP Mac Miller
  13. Clemenza


    Congratulations Man, You deserve it, Its a shame that i wont be able to drive however, its a nice thing to congratulate others on!
  14. Clemenza

    guinea pigs

    Woop-Woop!, Its the Sound of the Police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A572eclLc68
  15. Clemenza

    Slayer struggles

    Definitely Agree with this suggestion, Slayer Keys are a auto-Pickup however a 100% chance dropped upon death.