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Found 8 results

  1. GA Code is in the description!
  2. My suggestion is that the wise old man is added to RoatPkz as a 3x3 Wilderness Boss such as Jad/Skotizo or a new wilderness boss. It could also be used as a HPEvent NPC which has *UNKNOWN* HP which resides in the fountain of Rune, with removal of the Fountain of Runes ruined walls, Their is now a next to perfect 1 way barrier which you have to pay 300PKP To enter without escape, The Area which is also a Multi-Zone and a area which you cannot teleport away from, (meaning if you enter with items, you will not be able to exit unless the boss is killed ). Possible Attacks : Wise old Man will be able to cast all 3 of the God Spells with addition of the Normal Melee attack with his staff which deals damage to those using the wrong prayer. The Default Spell, Saradomin Strike , Will be His Default Spell which is the Main DPS Spell he will be using. Protection Spell, Claws of Guthix , Will Spawn 4-5 Gnomes (which can be killed by Players to speed up the process ) Which provide a protective cover over the Wise Old Man. (which Players have to kill or wait an entire 20 seconds without dealing DMG) However, Players can still Attack Each other. Offensive Spell, The Wise old man Spawns 6-8 Monks of Zamorak which decreases Players stats, which have to be killed or stats will keep decreasing, They shall stay until Wise old man either Dies or Despawns. Melee Attack : Just a normal attack capable of hitting 20-40s, Turning Prayers off entirely if the Player is not paying attention. Guaranteed Drops Platinum Key Possible Drops PK Points ( or a 20-30k PKP Ticket ) Extra Platinum Key Anglerfish Super CB / Stamina Potions Wise Young Man ( Pet of Wise Old man but smaller ) Staff of Light Odium Ward Malediction Ward Saradomin Godsword Mage's Book Magic Fang Dragon Warhammer Arcane Sigil Spectral Sigil Arclight Armadyl Crossbow Dragonfire Ward Ancient Wyvern Shield Arcane Prayer Scroll Dragon Claws As i just thought of this, the drops and other attacks and such may need to be reworked on. Please post your feedback below, - Forsaken God - Adam.
  3. I am currently recruiting members for the new clan called "The Aeonics". We are a Singles&Multi Clan. Requirements to join the clan: - Must have discord - Basic hybridding/tribridding knowledge - Clanwar experience - Must follow RoatPkz rules Theres a little fee you have to pay when you want to join the clan. To start with we are giving 20 players free entrance, otherwise it should be 1k to join the clan! ONCE YOU JOINED THE CLAN ITS DISSALLOWED TO, AND THIS ALSO GOES UNDER RULES! - Clan hopping - Bullshit - Be disrespectful to others - Leave the cc and enter the wilderness - can cause alot of misunderstanding - Don't argue with other clan members Ranks are based off of Loyalty, Participation, and skill. How Loyal are you to #aons? How often do you participate in events/are online? How good are your Nhing/Hybridding skills? Smiley - This rank is given to allies of #aons who are improving their loyalty overtime to work their way up. Banana - This rank is given to new members of the clan who need further testing/experience, but made the tryouts. Two Bananas - This rank is given to members that have been with us for some time and have proven their capabilities. Three Bananas - This rank is given to members that have shown they posses a decent skill set when it comes to Nhing/Hybridding, and bring a lot to the table for the clan. They must also show leadership skills because the next rank they are able to get is an officer position. Bronze Star - This is the first of the officer positions. This member has shown great dedication and loyalty to #aons. Members with this rank are very skilled Nhers/Hybrids and are trustworthy. Silver Star - This is the second of the officer ranks. This member has shown great leadership skills and dedication to #aons. This officer is responsible for the everyday flow of the clan. They will take any complaints and bring them to the necessary people. If someone of this rank gives an order for you to come join a war you will listen. If you disobey an order to come to a war, further clan disciplinary procedures shall occur. General - This rank is reserved for a selective few high ranking officers that are deemed to be Second In Command. N I C O L E - Owner of the clan. Application Format In-Game Username: What is your experience with clan PKing or deep wilderness activity in general?: What would be your primary position? Why do you want to join #aons? (Just out of curiosity) : How many hours a day do you put into this game: Describe your in-game tendencies, what are you normally doing?: Do you understand the rules of the CC and agree to obey them?: Do you have Discord? If yes whats your Discord name?: If you have any questions pm "N I C O L E" in game. https://discord.gg/YwVQqD
  4. Why isnt the items you can use in tournament not in-game yet? Like monk robes (g) & that? Also an abby dagger wouldn't go a miss
  5. Leave me some constructive feedback. Enjoy my friends. Cheers, dunfuck
  6. Hey if anybody is interested, just uploaded pk vid #5 Hope you all enjoy, First time posting to this form! Used to Play roat.
  7. I've been thinking lately... In the era of Runescape, some of the most epic moments arise through tournaments/wars. So I ponder on the thought, why not here; server being branded a "pvp-esque" place. Has there been any successful tournament or "war" based events that occured on RoatPkZ? Was there prizes that gave people some motivation to join in on the action? Now I suggest... A tournament type system with on-the-go ability in which players can join/create tournaments and apply wagers/rules (item sets, etc.) A system inside the server with a location or NPC to interact with. Allowing the player to set-up a tournament or team battle with set slots, wagers, rulesets. A location with a teleport to which brings you to a areaEntry fees optional, or item wagers such as Party Hats, Gps, etc...When a tournament is started - it's broadcasts server wide including a timer. There's much more that could happen with an idea such as this. Let me know what you think, share your feedback! Thanks for reading, Yours truly, Clarrisa.
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